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Our stunning tiles are quite simply perfect for any home or living space, but that’s not all they’re good for. With our own expert team of engineers devoted to design project work, Marble Systems can provide advanced cut-to-size natural stone tiles for the most sophisticated commercial projects. Our state-of-the-art CNC machine means that we can cut tiles to any size or shape, allowing us to cater to projects from the simplest to the most complicated project.

Whether the commercial project requires flooring, wall coverings, or luxury countertops, our natural stone tiles are the perfect solution. With a wide range of materials to choose from, we’ve got a tile to suit every occasion.

Below, we explore some of our favorite commercial tile projects that feature our tiles.

Hotel Projects

Our natural stone tiles are particularly popular in hotels. Whether it’s a luxury chain or a one-off boutique, we can supply natural stone tiles that are cut to size. With many options to choose from, our tiles are ideal for hotel entrance ways, bathroom vanity units, and even outdoor use. Our natural tiles have been used in various hotels across the US including St Regis Hotel in Miami, Palamar Hotel in Washington, and The Mark Hotel in New York. We have also ventured outside of the US and supplied stone tiles to The Palms Hotel in Turks & Caicos.

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Some of our favorite hotel projects that feature our tiles are:

· St Regis Hotel – Miami, FL
· Trump Soho Hotel – New York, NY
· Palamar Hotel – Washington, DC
· The Mark Hotel – New York, NY
· The Palms Hotel – Turks & Caicos
· Myfair Hotel – Miami, FL

Retail Projects

When it comes to retail, our tiles are popular for both indoor and outdoor use. Merrick Park Village used our natural stone tiles to create luxurious yet durable flooring. With continuous footfall, shopping centers must have flooring that’s made to last. Natural tiles are ideal as they provide both strength and aesthetic appeal. This gives luxury shopping centers an attractive floor tile that can withstand continuous wear and tear.

commercial tile projects

Some of our favorite retail projects that feature our tiles are:

· Merrick Park Village – Miami, FL
· Shops at Coconut Point – Naples, FL
· Tyson’s Corner – Washington, DC

Residential Projects

Our natural stone tiles are also popular for residential use. As well as working with individual customers, we supply tiles for large scale residential properties including luxury condos and apartment blocks. Our natural tiles are suitable for use on the floors and walls, but also for decorative wall coverings, vanity units, and kitchen countertops. Our wide collection of natural materials means that there’s something to suit every project, whether that be an elegant bathroom makeover or hard-wearing outdoor flooring.

Some of our favorite residential projects that feature our tiles are:

· Trillium Condos – Bethesda, MD
· 9201 Corporate Blv. Condos – Rockville, MD
· 1430 K Street Condo – Washington, DC

View the full range of commercial tile projects that feature our tiles here and get in touch about your project.

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