The ocean is calling! Ocean-Inspired Tiles in 2021

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ocean inspired tiles

The ocean is calling! Embrace this 2021 interior trend with our ocean-inspired tiles.

With the disaster of a year we’ve all had, we’re more thankful than ever that 2021 is just around the corner. Many people use the new year as an excuse to revamp their home or working space and we are all for it. 2020 saw a variety of trends including muted grey color palettes with plenty of white furniture. While this style is still popular, adding a splash of color into your space can give it a bright and uplifting feel.

Want to add color without going too bold? Ocean hues are a great way to go. Capturing glistening waters and relaxing vacations, blue and aqua colors offer a calm, contemporary look. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2021 is Aegean Teal, a beautiful inky blue that reflects peace, comfort, and clarity. Whether you’re a fan of inky tones, deep teals, or soft Aquas, blue can transform your home into a place of peace and serenity.

ocean-inspired tiles
Barracuda Tornado / Photo Credit: @kdphoto

Our Top Picks For Ocean-Inspired Tiles

River Del Mar

Our River Del Mar Collection is ideal for those hoping to bring ocean-hues into their living space. Created from smooth pieces of colored glass, these mosaic tiles will add style to any room in the house. Because of this, the pebble shape works in perfect harmony with the aqua color scheme. It creates a piece of art that reminds us of poolside vacations.

Azzurro Glossy Gloss Glass Mosaic 12x12

Azzurro Glossy Gloss Glass Mosaic

$10.99 / sq. ft.

Temple Brick Glazed Tile

If you’re looking for something a little more structured, our Temple Brick Glazed Tile Collection will suit you perfectly. The collection takes inspiration from centuries-old Japanese Raku Pottery and uses Temple Brick for unique and durable tiles. This custom order item is designed to be used in interior residential or commercial applications, hence adding a splash of color to any space.

Coastal Glass Tile

Soft to the touch with an organic edge, the Coastal Glass Tile Collection is crafted from interlocking tiles. Each tile is available in a combination matte/gloss finish. These tiles come in 7 soft environmental tones: Breeze, Fog, Air, Drift, Fresh, Tide, and Foam. These are real ocean-inspired tiles.

Air Gloss Subway Glass Tile 3x9

Air Gloss Subway Glass Tile

$7.95 / sq. ft.

Haisa Blue Marble Tile

Our Haisa Blue Marble Tile Collection is ideal for wall and floor applications in both residential and commercial spaces. So, the collection benefits from a gray-blue finish, making it perfect for those who prefer muted shades to bold. Crafted from natural stone, each tile may vary in color or shade, which is great for adding character to your home.

Haisa Blue Honed Marble Tile 12x24

Haisa Blue Honed Marble Tile

Haisa Blue Honed Subway Marble Tile 4x12

Haisa Blue Honed Subway Marble Tile


Aqua Forte Marble Tile

Our Aqua Forte Marble Tile Collection is inspired by a unique artisan technique where patterns are etched onto the natural stone using engraving methods. Once the etching process is complete, each tile is hand-gilded or glazed with organic materials to deliver a unique and natural result.

A note from our designer

Our ocean-inspired tiles can bring peace and tranquility to any room in the house. If you’re a fan of muted tones, our Haisa Blue Marble Tiles will add a touch of color without going overboard. If you prefer something bolder, the bright teal hue of our Temple Brick Glazed Tiles will suit you perfectly.

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