Marble Systems

Olive Green Limestone

Olive Green Limestone is an interesting part of the Marble Systems product mix. Interesting, in that olive may possibly be enjoying a style resurgence. Let’s discuss that trend and how Marble Systems can join in.The superb website, Freshome, had a great post recently about olive as a [...]
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French Limestone Tiles

The French do many things right. To name but a few: consider for a moment Champagne, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Monet, Matisse, the Louvre, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, etc., etc. Who can possibly argue with French contributions to art, architecture, gastronomy, political thought, and even [...]
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Travertine or Limestone

Is Travertine or Limestone the better choice? The topic seldom fails to foster sometimes-lively debate! Whether the discussion is among interior design professionals, architects, builders, or homeowners, the results are typically less than conclusive. Perhaps this is as it should be, given the [...]
Textured Limestone in Champagne

Textured Limestone in Champagne

Champagne, the sparkling wine as produced via Méthode Champenoise, may have cornered the market for all manner of toasts. But the color value that bubbles up from the French drink represents a soft neutral that can also corner many a sophisticated client and their design plans. Now, imagine [...]

Tunisian Limestone

Tunisian LimestoneTunisia, as a country on the southern shore of the storied Mediterranean Sea, has found itself astride the advances of Western civilization for over 2000 years. The ancient city of Carthage was located not far from present-day Tunis. American school children are told of [...]