Textured Limestone in Champagne

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Textured Limestone in Champagne

Champagne, the sparkling wine as produced via Méthode Champenoise, may have cornered the market for all manner of toasts. But the color value that bubbles up from the French drink represents a soft neutral that can also corner many a sophisticated client and their design plans. Now, imagine for a moment an element of “feel” being added to the mix and you have a new finish from Marble Systems called, Line Textured. This addition to the Champagne Limestone Collection delivers a unique textured limestone to the market.

To put some perspective on the place of texture in design, Cristina Colli a U.K.-based interior artist, says that:

“Texture is the surface quality of an object, resulting from its three-dimensional structure”. Cristina also thinks that since “touch and sight are closely connected, texture affects not just the way an interior feels, but also the way it looks. In general, rough textures look warm and natural, while smooth textures appear cold and formal”.

As much as it is possible in this two-dimensional medium, you can see below the subtle presentation of this textured limestone.

textured limestone

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