2014 Kitchen Trends: Black Countertops

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Black Countertops

As we move deeper into the year, let’s look at a few 2014 kitchen trends. The website Zillow, says that “our mission is to empower consumers with information and tools to make smart decisions about homes, real estate and mortgages”. This site certainly seems to have established itself in the real estate space in a big way. As a part of that penetration, they created the Zillow Digs Board of Designers to identify trends for the benefit of their users. In pointing out one of the early 2014 kitchen trends, Zillow asked design consultant Adam Hunter of Los Angeles to help the homeowner on the uses of black countertops.

Black slabs from Marble Systems for 2014 Kitchen Trends

Mr. Hunter gets bold early when he says that “for a more daring look that will take you all the way back to the glamorous ‘20s, try black “ as a kitchen counter top. He then adroitly cautions the user to be  “careful with your accessories” and vary materials. For example, “use fabric that incorporates stripes with a little black to tie everything together.”  For example, Marble Systems offers a variety of black stone slabs. The black polished material above allows the white in the stone to be effectively paired with another aspect of the kitchen, as per Mr. Hunter’s suggestion above.

Soft glass from MSI 2014 Kitchen Trends

Another way to soften the black tops, assuming that is a concern, is to lighten the space with a colored glass backsplash. MSI offers the very well rounded Coastal Glass Collection, as seen above. This collection features seven pleasant color ways and two finishes.We certainly realize that black as a kitchen countertop may require a leap of faith. , but we can help.

Again, we certainly appreciate your reading this post. We also look forward to helping you in using black stone as a part of 2014 kitchen trends.Please find us here…we are your disposal!

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