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Autumn Colors in Ceramic Tiles

The change of seasons reminds us all of the never ending circle of life. As we see the leaves change, an annual organic symphony of color explodes into our lives. Let’s see a few Autumn Colors in Ceramic Tiles for your consideration.One of our great business travel pleasures has been [...]
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Rectangular Glazed Ceramic Tiles

There are very few design elements that contribute to a colorful and visually appealing  focal point more than ceramic tile. That said, rectangular glazed ceramic tiles are even more effective in that regard. Let’s talk about that in today’s post with our Bella Muro Collection.Bella [...]
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Marble Together with Ceramic Tile

Marble together with ceramic tile is a formidable design statement when done correctly. This synergistic coupling can firstly, add more color choices from the pantheon of ceramic tile to enhance the marble. Then secondly, the marble can contribute depth, formality and general gravitas to the [...]
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