Travel Back in Time with these Deco Bathroom Tiles

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bathroom tiles

In Status Antequera ceramic tile, we discover a collection of ceramic bathroom tiles inspired by Deco Design.

“A stunning extension of our wildly popular Status and Status Relief collections, Status Antequera is a go-to ceramic collection for designers. The kind with a choice of all of the field tile shapes you want most and 33 glaze colors, each with the perfectly imperfect appeal of made-to-order artisan ceramics, but stocked and ready for your next project.

There are also six elegant decorative tiles, some with subtle dimension. All are understated versions of graceful and beloved silhouettes from ancient Moorish architectural tradition. For interior vertical applications.”

bathroom tiles

Whether you live in a terrace or are designing for a hotel in the City with heritage, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the moulded tiles of times gone by. And now these Deco style tiles are making a comeback, with many homes and businessowners who want to inject tradition and style back into their historical properties.

Status Antequera Ceramic Tile, Marble Systems new ceramic tile collection, is inspired by tiles, which were typically handmade by local craftspeople. We are pleased to have recreated these elegant designs so that they are affordable while retaining all the richness of their historical counterparts.

What’s worth noting as we look to Deco design is that when we say tiles, we do not only mean floor and wall tiles, but also moulded trims, which were frequently found on fireplaces and large bathtubs. And with Marble Systems bathroom tiles, from our Status Antequera Ceramic Tile collection you can create this same designer Deco look.

These decorative tiles are best suited to the bathroom, but what era and style do they suit best?

Early C20th

There are numerous uses for decorative bathroom tiles in early 20th century design, but most prominent are the decadent bathrooms with trim and all. Rather than using patterned tiles to create a vibrant surround for your bath, sink or walls, you can use long, curved tiles to form a border that acts as a ‘hinge’ and adds texture to your bathroom interior.

Art Deco

Both Art Deco and Art Nouveau design use moulded ceramic tiles. These eras of design are similar in that they’re defined by beautiful borders and details, which are now easy to recreate. For example, you could use bar tiles to create a rectangular border around your bathroom mirror. Similarly, box in and tile your bath, including these moulded tiles at the edges and corners, for an elegant finish.

Subway Tiles

3×6” rectangular tiles, which are now widely referred to as ‘Subway’ tiles because of their use in places like the London Underground and Metro, date back centuries. The ‘subway’ aesthetic isn’t as exuberant and detailed as Victorian or Art Nouveau – in fact, it’s almost the opposite. Subway tiles are a feature in themselves when used in bathrooms; they can be used on walls and floors and are best laid so that they cover every wall floor-to-ceiling for the full effect.

A Note From Marble Systems Design Team :

It’s easy to get confused about the different eras and their matching aesthetics, which is why it’s crucial that you do your research when styling a bathroom, or any room in your property for that matter. If you’re choosing moulded decorative tiles because you love Art Deco, make sure you follow the full aesthetic we can advise tiles for, as well as incorporating brass fixtures and fittings.

Explore Status Antequera for our full range of moulded decorative bathroom tiles.

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