Coastal Kitchen With Limestone Tiles

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How to create a coastal family kitchen with Marble System’s seashell limestone tile collection?

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a coastal family kitchen with Marble System’s seashell limestone tile collection. Just because you don’t yet have your dream home on the coast yet, doesn’t mean you can’t embrace coastal living in other ways, such as your tile choice with your interior design.

coastal kitchen tiles

The key to coastal interiors is light, airy spaces and neutral, earthy palettes, which is where Marble Systems’ Seashell Limestone Tile Collection comes in. This collection includes a variety of natural limestone tiles boasting serene, sandy hues that are perfect tiles for the kitchen.

How to achieve a coastal interior with our limestone tiles

There are many ways you can achieve a sought-after coastal aesthetic and create a shared family space at the same time with our limestone tiles, you just need to have some imagination. You could even get the kids involved in the design!

Build your own coastal kitchen island

coastal kitchen

All large kitchens need an island at the centre, and this can quickly become central to how the space is used.

If you create a large island with a natural limestone top, created using our limestone tiles, you can then prop up some bar stools around the island. By doing this, you create an area where the kids can do homework, you and your partner can work from home, and where you can enjoy a wholesome family dinner each evening.

Create a corner for the kids with patterned limestone or textured limestone

Sectioning up a space depending on its use is a concept used predominately in landscape design, however, there’s no reason you can’t embrace the concept inside your home, too.

Using our patterned limestone tiles or textured limestone tiles in just one corner of your kitchen will allow you to create a fun, but still in-keeping space for little ones to play, so you can keep an eye on them while you’re cooking or entertaining.

Limestone ensures a space that’s suitable year-round

Natural stone helps to control the climate in your home, especially during the summer months when temperatures soar.

Our limestone tiles will help to keep your kitchen nice and cool, even when the weather outside is unbearable, so you and your family can always gather in the kitchen, at the heart of the home, and enjoy meals together. No longer will you need to retreat to the living room!

Reduce clean-up with honed tiles

When choosing your tiles, if easy cleaning is a concern, opt for honed tiles, which have a smooth surface and are easy to wipe down with a damp cloth and warm water. That way, even if there’s a spill on the worktop or the floor, you can clean it up in a matter of seconds without hesitation.

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A Note From Marble Systems Design Team :

The prospect of young children falling onto hard natural stone floors can cause alarm for parents, but it shouldn’t be the case. By choosing textured limestone tiles, you considerably reduce the risk of slips. Marble Systems’ Honed Corner Shelves and Limestone Moldings, which have soft, rounded edges, also means how you finish your decor will no longer be a cause of concern.

Explore our full Seashell Limestone Tile Collection here.

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