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There are very few design elements that contribute to a colorful and visually appealing  focal point more than ceramic tile. That said, rectangular glazed ceramic tiles are even more effective in that regard. Let’s talk about that in today’s post with our Bella Muro Collection.

Rectangular Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Bella Muro


Think for a minute about the benefits that rectangular shaped ceramic tiles can bring to a visual presentation. The installation pattern can lengthen the appearance of a space, make a space present as taller than it is, and also provide a directional function pulling the eye in a desired  direction. At the very top of this post, you can see that the tiles are stacked and in a horizontal orientation. Then immediately above, the pattern is stacked but arranged vertically.

Bella Muro


Now please take a peek at the colorfully arresting red tile above. In this case, the material is installed horizontally with a staggered joint. Well, bye for now and thanks for reading.

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