Movement in Marble

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What exactly is Movement in Marble? To start with, we are referring to visual movement, not actual movement. Anyone who has given even a cursory look at marble as a floor covering, wall covering, or countertop will understand that the stone has a “pattern” of sorts. Let’s learn more about that.

Movement in Marble

A great deal of the movement or pattern that you observe in marble is what is known as veining. Essentially, marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is exposed to extraordinarily high heat. The veins that you observe running through marble are, from a geological stand point, sheets or plates of crystallized minerals. These veins are absolutely essential in creating the organic, natural appearance the marble should project.

We have used a few images of Calacatta marble in order to illustrate the natural beauty and flow of marble veining. We hope this helps and thanks for reading.

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