Larger Format Stone Tiles

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Larger format stone tiles combine both utility and elegance in one easy to use “package”. Let’s take a look at what we mean.

A clever professional can be quite efficient in the installation process utilizing larger pieces. A single stone tile that is four square feet in area, or more, creates a certain positive momentum in terms of installation production. This can significantly shorten this aspect of a project.

Additionally, the amount of joints between these larger format stone tiles, while very minimal even in smaller material, are nevertheless further minimized. That means less chance for lippage and less potential desire to polish the floor in place after installation.

Larger format stone tiles

Our view on this is fairly simple. These larger materials provide a greater unbroken visual serenity in all size spaces. This essentially seamless expression in a stone floor adds to clean, ethereal, airy elegance.

As is so often true,  our goal is to find other sources to corroborate our opinions. To that end, we gave  a serious read to a great post by Viridis Design Studio in Colorado. The President and Founder of Viridis Design, Tanya Campbell, told us: “Large-Scale Design – Traditional tile came in 12”x 12” squares with 1/8” grout lines and was once the standard. But now, much larger and more interesting formats have appeared on the market for a more contemporary feel.”

At this point we hope to have identified a trend that it is also supported conceptually by a design professional. To achieve this idea in practice, we have included in this post imagery from two of our collections with larger format elements. At the very top and immediately above please take a peek at our Cream Bordeaux Marble. Then in the middle is Desert Cream Marble.

Thanks for reading . We have an extensive footprint of locations across the U.S and the Caribbean where large format stone tiles can be seen up close and personal.

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