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Los Angeles pushes and pulls our culture in many ways. Dreams of the Golden West have inspired Americans from the fictional  Tom Joad to the early hipster Jack Kerouac, and the iconic television series Route 66. Asian and Hispanic influences have added immeasurably to our appreciation of art, food, philosophy and more. Naturally, no mention of SoCal and LA can be without reference to the Hollywood pop culture engine. Therefore, Los Angeles Times Design Trends from earlier this year merit our attention.

A fine piece written by Bonnie McCarthy gives us “18 Home Decor Trends  and Design Trends We’ll Be Watching in 2018” for our consideration. In particular, Bonnie said that,  “According to the experts we spoke with, overarching themes of maximalism, flexibility, self-care, 1970s and ’80s redux and educated consumerism will shape our homes and influence our daily lives in the months to come”. We will parse this list down a bit and address a few of these ideas that Marble Systems, as a stone and tile vendor, can address.

Los Angeles Times Design Trends

Playing with Marbles – This is an interesting way to suggest the continued use of marble in au courant design plans. The Times piece tells us, “Alessandra Wood, director of style for online design app Modsy, said to keep an eye out for 1970s and ’80s-inspired glam. ‘We’re starting to see black and even gray marble, which is a little more dramatic than white.’” This is an easy one for Marble Systems. Not only can we play in the game with white, black, and gray, but there is also our ability to furnish wonderful exotics as shown above.

Modern Farmhouse – By now this is a familiar theme but certainly one that is not going away anytime soon. Again from the Los Angeles Times Design Trends piece offers more insight, “Rustic country styling is going urban. ‘People embraced the farmhouse style,’ said Sheila Schmitz, editor of Houzz. ‘But now they’re choosing one, two or three elements versus the whole ball of wax in one space … to me it feels like refined farmhouse style’. Look for: warm wood details with white, gold tones, vintage lighting, trough sinks, cement elements and Shaker cabinets with modern pulls”.

Cooking with Color – Here is a simple one for the conversation. Color through various mediums is rampant in the kitchen setting. This is very easily articulated by stone, glass and ceramic tile backsplashes. Imagine in this situation our Riva Del Mar beach glass mosaic as shown below.

Los Angeles Times Design Trends

Savvy Consumers – This is more evident every single day. Consumers do an incredible amount of online research before making almost any buying decision. This self-education is amplified when they are considering durable home goods purchases.

Marble Systems is perfectly positioned to address design trends of almost any type, including Los Angeles Times Design Trends. To do this we offer a footprint of showrooms that are staffed with design professionals eager to assist. Thanks for reading!

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