Four Reasons to Choose Natural Stone

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Here are four reasons to choose natural stone for any design plan that you may be contemplating.

It is truly authentic:
In a world of faux this and faux that, natural stone is as simple as can be. In the most basic terms, it is “dug up” out of the Good Earth, then cut and formed into flooring, wall covering, paving, sculpture and more. It is easy to get a “stone visual” in your design plan when you choose authentic natural stone.

four reasons to choose natural stone
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It embodies timeless style:
Think of all the design trends that come and go. Then consider the many gently worn stone floors and walkways that tell a story of generations. Visualize the sculpture that has enhanced the human experience and the simple sink that has made the mundane more tolerable. This is the essence of natural stone.

It is remarkably durable:
Roman bridges and aqueducts endure for all to see as symbols of pure utility. These iconic landmarks are too numerous to mention but the Taj Mahal, the Lincoln Memorial, Angkor Wat, and the Roman Colosseum come quickly to mind. A final unique feature of natural stone is how it evolves and changes with time and usage. Different patinas and patterns emerge to create an organic element.

Four Reasons to Choose Natural Stone
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It is exudes eco-friendliness:
Natural stone is kind to the environment in both the quarrying and the production. It is easily installed with natural, environmentally friendly mortars. Finally, simple oils and waxes will maintain it virtually forever.

There you have four reasons to choose natural stone. Now here are a few reasons to work with Marble Systems. We are incredibly experienced. This should come as no surprise given that we have our own quarries and a worldwide foot print. Our sales team benefits from this international experience by being very knowledgeable in all aspects of stone selection and stone design. Our significant showroom presence makes us very available to provide insight via our robust collections. Thanks for reading!

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