Houzz: Fall Kitchen Trends 2013

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No one can any longer doubt the impact of the social media concept on contemporary life and culture. What is very interesting to observe is how, in the maturation process, it begins to segment itself into very useful “bites.” A site of great value for anyone living and working in the design space is Houzz. The “about” section of the site describes it as ” the leading online platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish.” At the core of the Houzz experience is the “idea books” section. Simply put, users upload home design imagery, such as kitchen trends,  that they enjoy. This, of course, is sharable and from there the collaboration and knowledge transfer begins!

Houzz just published its Fall Kitchen Trends Survey 2013 and this is the topic of our post today. To quote Houzz, the “big ideas” resulting from the survey are:

  • “Bigger isn’t better, but the open concept still a strong trend.”   
  • “Granite and quartz capture countertops, mixing materials a popular option.”
  • “Stainless appliances cohabitating with appliances in other finishes.”
  • “Conservative color schemes dominate, but color tied to kitchen style preferences.”
  • “Younger homeowners go contemporary.”

Expounding on the countertops, Mitchell Parker, a member of the Houzz Editorial Staff, tells us that “you all really hate your current kitchen countertops. Can’t we all just get along with tile and Formica? Apparently not. Of the 7,812 people who responded, 94 percent plan to replace their countertops — and fewer than 10 percent intend to use either of those classic materials. Half of you will choose granite as the replacement, followed by 36 percent who will choose quartz.” 

Marble Systems is uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve a kitchen renovation very much in step with their own unique vision for  Fall kitchen trends 2013! We feel especially competent in the countertop arena since granite and quartz slabs are one of our core competencies. As you can see above a quartz-type top is in keeping with both trending quartz and the concept that “younger homeowners go contemporary.” and below one of our many Modern collections continues the theme.

No home remodel is simple or easy and the kitchen will always inspire a certain amount of angst given its prominence in American home life. But not to worry. Marble Systems has showrooms across America and is now also in Puerto Rico. The design professionals that ply their trade for us have been involved in more kitchen remodels than they can remember. As always, thanks for reading, and please visit one of our showrooms for the advice you may need.


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