Customized Natural Stone

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Marble Systems understands perfectly how intertwined the natural stone industry is with the interior design world. That being said, it is incumbent upon us to stay up to speed on the trends that come down the creative road. Our Customized Natural Stone programs seem to be aligning perfectly with design ideas for 2019. Let’s see why.

Customized Natural Stone
Mod Glam Collection

One of the many industry-leading publications, Architectural Digest, recently suggested some thoughts that we should consider overall. However, AD specifically discussed the idea of custom elements in a design plan. Take a peek at their comments: “Custom, Custom, Custom. In what might come as little surprise to those designers who have watched their clients (and, likely, themselves) grow weary of the array of easily accessible offerings presented by e-commerce over the past few years and instead yearn for more unique finds, a desire for custom and one-of-a-kind items topped the survey results.” This is, of course, music to our ears.

Elements Collection

We offer an online mosaic customization tool here. This allows the user to move easily and comfortably through a series of options to create a mosaic of their own. A basic tenet of working with stone is how creatively it can be “worked.” Different facial dimensions, finishes, and thicknesses have long been a part of the natural stone tool kit. The rise of water-jet technology has led to more cost efficient customization. This is especially true with curvilinear shapes such as the material immediately above.

Once again, check out our online mosaic customization tool here. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for reading!


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