Black is Back 2019

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Black is Back 2019 in the design world. Did it ever really leave? Nevertheless, if this is true, then black natural stone is also back. Let’s talk about this for a few minutes.

Our usual perusal of online media found an interesting take from Ellen O’Neill, of Benjamin Moore. Ms.O’Neill said this about black color values: “These have become popular as evidenced by the rising trend of black appliances, fixtures, surfaces and materials that dominated the international trade show at Salone Mobile in [Milan, Italy]. “The effect can be dramatic, sexy and unexpected.”

Black is Back
The Mark Hotel, NYC

Our material in The Mark Hotel above is a fine example of the re-emergence of black as a statement color value. Of course, the pairing with white is uber classic and timeless indeed.

Also, take a look at a black marble in a unique shape at the very top of this post. This is from our Elements Collection.

In the end, we will see what 2019 will really bring. Thanks for reading!

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