Calacatta Marble

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Calacatta Marble is arguably the most prestigious, and therefore most sought after, marble on earth. The exact reason for this is hard to put your finger. However, a glance at this material starts to give you a clue or two.

Let’s start with the white background color. Over the course of centuries, white marbles of all varieties have been favored for use in statuary, flooring, wall covering and more. The Taj Mahal  and the Lincoln Memorial spring quickly to mind in terms of architectural achievement. The point is that white marble has always been, and will always be, in fashion.

Calacatta Bella Marble

The next thing to think about in considering the popularity of Calacatta is veining. As a general rule, Calacatta will be more strongly veined than its cousin Carrara. That will naturally indicate greater movement throughout any space it is utilized in.

Marble Systems is proud to introduce our Calacatta Bella Collection as shown in the imagery in this post. Tell us what you think!

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