Create a “Chateau Look” With Driveway Pavers

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Driveway pavers are one of the main reasons why French Chateaus and English country houses have long been admired for their huge sweeping driveways. These driveways stretch for yards and yards and create the romantic welcoming entrance of grand carriages to the Grand Chateau. Over the last century many homes over America have recreated the grand driveway, to achieve the “chateau look”.

What do we mean when we refer to the “chateau look”?

Take this Chicago home for example. It has a typical chateau look, with its natural stone facade, wooden shutters across the windows, and large decorative double doors. But the most notable curb appeal of this home, as an example, is it’s long sweeping paved driveway in natural stone. Your concrete driveway is important for your driveway projects. Permeable pavers are concrete pavers.

So, what gives this sweeping driveway the “chateau look”?

Chateau de Monbazillac near the town of Bergerac in the Dordogne area of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France.

Ultimately, it comes down to the pavers used. Natural stone pavers made from tumbled marble or tumbled travertine are typically used in this style of the driveway. People used to favor them for their rustic finish that replicates the driveways of old country houses and French Chateaus.

If you love this romantic grand style, there are a variety of tiles in our collections to choose from to get the chateau look.

Create your own chateau-inspired driveway

From beautiful reclaimed marble pavers to rustic tumbled travertine, here are our favorite driveway pavers at Marble Systems that will help you to achieve the chateau look:

driveway pavers

Discover our Textura Collection Marble Paver Collection to achieve the ultimate natural stone driveway, inspired by that old chateau look to the modernist interpretation to achieve the most stunning exterior driveway to your home. Our textura paver collection of natural stone pavers comes in various natural colors and hues and formats. These features create that wow factor natural stone driveway.

Our Selection of Driveway Pavers

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Pavers

These marble pavers are the best modern alternative for natural stone pavers that will give your driveway that traditional chateau look.

Our Diana Royal tumbled marble pavers tiles vary in color. Most of them are with a white backdrop with sandy veins running through them. This makes them the perfect tile for many exterior landscapes, especially when achieving that Chateau look driveway.

Our tumbled pavers look at their best laid at random, which is why each pack comes with a variety of sizes.

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Tile 4x4

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Tile

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile 12x12

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Patterns Versailles Pattern

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Patterns

Versailles Patternx1/2"

Diana Royal Reclaimed Marble Pavers

If you’re hoping to have the ‘real thing’, look no further than our Diana Royal Reclaimed Marble Pavers, which are carefully salvaged and selected from old properties like the ones you’ve seen in interior magazines.

Once reclaimed, we clean these tiles. Yet, they show more natural signs of wear than other marble pavers due to their years of service, which is their beauty and appeal.

Like our tumbled pavers, these reclaimed tiles should be laid at random.

Scabas Tumbled Travertine Driveway Pavers

Want to move away from the traditional and choose something a little more modern in appearance? Then our Scabas Tumbled Travertine Pavers are just the ticket.

These wonderful travertine pavers feature a palette of earthy brown and orange tones. And they have a really distinct pattern that is further enhanced on a rainy day. Our travertine is especially striking when paired against a home with a natural wood façade, for instance.

Iris Black Textura Seal Marble Driveway Pavers

These black marble pavers are the perfect choice for the ultra-modern home.

Give your neighbors and visitors insight into your style aesthetics with these statement marble pavers. These are almost charcoal-like in their finish, with flecks of white against a grey-black backdrop. Perfect for the modernist chateau.

This stone darkens even further on a rainy day and looks especially exceptional against metallic facades.

A Note From Marble Systems Design Team:

Whether it is a chateau look or a modernist driveway, you should consider these when choosing the natural stone for your driveway. Look for  what will suit the exterior and style of your home facade, from the style to the materials used. Be bold and don’t be shy to use juxtaposing natural stone or colors. You may also consider what the interior of your home looks like. If you have a traditional interior with lots of natural wood and stone floors, earthy hues like brown and yellow in your driveway pavers will reflect that.

Likewise, if you have a contemporary property with gloss-finish cabinets and dark slate floors, black marble is a brilliant choice. You may consider using the same natural stone pavers for your driveway. For instance to sweep around the house to create beautiful landscaping. A good place to start is to grab ideas from magazines, get inspired by our inspiration gallery, and talk to our design team at Marble Systems.

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