2 Creative Bathroom Tile Ideas from Our Inspiration Gallery

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This month one of our designers chooses two finished bathroom tile projects from our inspiration gallery to talk about. You can apply these bathroom tile ideas to your master bathroom or any bathroom in your house. If you are looking for a white bathroom with geometric tiles or eye-catching mosaic tiles, you can find more information on our website.

There is an abundance of choices available when it comes to rejuvenating the bathroom. But the decision-making process can still be confusing, if not overwhelming for some. One of the main aspects of my role as a designer is to think of fresh new takes on décor that can be used differently.


Marble as Bathroom Tiles

Despite working with several different materials, I have to say that many of my favorite projects have used marble, albeit in different ways. I find that marble is very adaptive. And we can use it to create a series of bespoke spaces around the home. We can use black and white marble, for instance, as floor tiles or wall tiles.

Calacatta Gold Royal Honed Slides Marble Mosaic 11x17

Calacatta Gold Royal Honed Slides Marble Mosaic

Calacatta Gold Royal Honed  Marble Tile 2 3/4x5 1/2

Calacatta Gold Royal Honed Marble Tile


The use of marble can be more expensive in some instances. This stone has the durability and quirkiness. This means that you are making an investment that will hold its premium aesthetic over several years.

Fortunately, there are plenty of materials to choose from, and those looking for some inspiration when it comes to overhauling the appearance of their bathroom often look towards Italian marble.

Bathroom Tile Ideas With Marble 

There are many different forms of Italian marble available, but I will be looking at Calacatta and Aspen white. Although both offer a high-end finish and a material that is easy to maintain, some differences set the two Italian marbles apart.

Below are two bathroom tile projects that use marble in fresh and exciting ways and showcase what can be achieved with classic material.

Calacatta Gold Honed Marble

As we know, the iconic Italian sculptor and painter Michelangelo was the person who discovers Calacatta gold honed marble. He delivered a modern interpretation of a design that has been popular with artists for thousands of years. The beauty of this iteration of metamorphosed rock has also meant that it has become popular with those looking to add some quirkiness to their bathroom.

bathroom tile ideas

The veiny aesthetics of Calacatta gold honed marble is bold enough to make an impression but subtle enough to be used effortlessly with other materials to offer a fresh and premium aesthetic that will make the bathroom one of the most popular rooms in the home.

Despite the history associated with Calacatta gold honed marble, this interpretation of the metamorphic rock is perfect for those looking to give their bathroom a modern overhaul that offers the ideal respite. Just because someone is looking to achieve a minimalistic aesthetic does not mean that patterns are a no-go.


The below bathroom project was achieve using a mix of patterns.  While offering something unique, it still delivers a clean and minimalistic look. Partnered with simple furnishings and modern fixtures, the use of Calacatta gold honed marble is both inviting and relaxing.

Most of the project was achieved using 12 x 24 Calacatta gold royal honed marble tiles. Although each slab is unique, they pair up perfectly to create an overall vision that creates a truly original space.

Aspen White Honed Marble

Others may be searching for a marble that can offer a balance of sophisticated and straightforward while delivering characteristics of snowy covered foster and white mountains. You can achieve this look with the use of Aspen white honed marble and materials of different contrasts.

Aspen White Honed Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic 11x11

Aspen White Honed Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic

San Felipe Aspen White Honed Marble Waterjet Decos 8x9 3/4

San Felipe Aspen White Honed Marble Waterjet Decos


The fresh and vibrant aesthetics achieved with Aspen white honed marble tiles ensure the bathroom offers a burst of energy during busy mornings. On the other hand, it provides a comfortable and alluring respite in the evening.

You can mix these tiles with modern aesthetics with a glossy finish. Or you can take a more rustic approach with the introduction of wooden cabinets and finishing.

Those not familiar with marble may assume that all bathroom tiles are the same. But there are a lot of differences depending on where the marble originals. For example, those looking to get the best from their bathroom will often consider Italian marble thanks to its purity and durability.

The below bathroom project highlights how simplicity can still look alluring and allows for a luxurious décor that is not expensive to achieve.

bathroom tile ideas

The bright white is achieved using 18 x 18 x ½ Aspen white honed marble tiles that allow for a uniformed look that looks original. Striking black fixtures complemented the bright whites of the Aqua white honed marble tiles. Brief introductions of chrome offer a modern space that instills traits of years gone by without looking dated.

In this article, we looked at some of the bathroom tile ideas. Of course, this is only an overview of what can be achieved with marble. You can be looking for inspiration for your bathroom. Or maybe you want to rejuvenate the home as a whole.  In both cases, Marble Systems can offer premium and affordable marble for all projects.


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