Color Trends 2019

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It is always a slippery slope to discuss color tends going forward. However, as a major natural stone vendor, we feel compelled to pull together a few thoughts on Color Trends 2019.

The renowned color company, Pantone, recently gave the design world a few well considered thoughts on what to expect next Spring and Fall. One of those thoughts was on “Embracing Nature”. These solid professionals said: “A clean white Powdered Sugar brightens a cool landscape of nature’s blues and greens with a tangy Lime Zest infusing an additional burst of color freshness.”

Color Trends 2019
via Pantone

Pantone references the use of their color “Powdered Sugar” (shown above) as a neutral of sorts to work with the rest of this more saturated palette. This segues nicely into where Marble Systems comes into the picture.

At the very top of this post, and then immediately above, is our Avalon Marble. This classic interpretation of Turkish white marble will pair wonderfully with any of the many fashion forward colors coming our way in 2019. We look forward to a great color year coming up. Thanks for reading!

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