Unique Stone Textures

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The natural Stone industry continues to evolve. Marble Systems hopes to stay at the forefront of this evolutionary process with Unique Stone Textures that provide a great deal of design flexibility for homeowners and design professionals alike.

We recently introduced our Full Grain Collection. Take a look at the top of this post and you will see this material in our Avalon Marble. Full Grain offers a perfect finish for exterior environments where slip resistance is of prime concern.

Unique Stone Textures
Bosphorus Limestone

A professional design team and their sophisticated clients have many things to consider when formulating a design plan. Color, scale, light, pattern, texture, and function must all be considered. Not only can a carefully used stone texture provide a relatively safe exterior paving application, the visual use of texture can create an arresting space. Take a look at our Leathered Stone Collection below.

Unique Stone Textures
Leathered Stone

We hope that this post generates some food for thought. Thanks for reading!

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