Four Stone Trends 2019

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It is always a little bit scary to discuss forward trends. That said, let’s chat about Four Stone Trends 2019 and how Marble Systems can help your design planning. We were recently inspired by a fine post from Devon Thorsby. Ms. Thorsby opined on design trending from a real estate perspective. This is usually very valuable given the clear connection to market realities. So here we go.

1. Warmer neutral colors will begin to replace the harsher, starker, pure cold whites that have held sway for some time now. Take a look at our Balsato Stone above as an example.

2. Floors will continue to be more natural. This makes a lot of essential common sense, given the general societal move in this very direction. What can be more natural than stone?

3. Bolder approaches to certain interior spaces can be expected. Pantone recently announced the 2019 Color of the Year to be ”Living Coral.” This color is not shy at all. Our Olive Green limestone below is bold in a more subtle fashion.

Four Stone Trends 2019
Olive Green Limestone

4. Trends are tending to have longer lifespans. Ms. Thorsby suggests, quite practically, that as home costs and renovation expenses rise trends will stick around  a bit longer. This is perfect for a natural stone vendor, like Marble Systems, given the durability of our product.

We hope these Four Stone Trends 2019 add to your library of thought.

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