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Angular Geometric Tile Trends in 2020

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Geometric tiles are back for 2020. Embrace the interior trend with these ten angular geometric tile designs. In recent years interior designers and homeowners alike have chosen geometric tiles featuring curved patterns over angular patterns.


Because of sharp lines and angles, although contemporary, they are not considered “relaxing” due to their association with strict, rigid design.

The tide is now turning on this trend and, for 2020, angular geometric tiles are making a comeback.

What’s changed?

Nothing much, except that square tiles featuring triangular patterns, are taking a back seat in favor of hexagonal and woven patterns, which are less rigid and, in fact, playful.

Angular geometric tiles for your home

To celebrate their comeback, our designers have put together an edit of 10 angular geometric tile designs with tips that will inspire you to take the leap and transform your home.

1.    Honed Lincoln Limestone Mosaics in Champagne

There’s an ongoing trend towards geometric floor tiling in traditional properties, which these limestone mosaic tiles are perfect for. Use them in your home’s entranceway to make a statement from the minute you step inside. Alternatively, they’re a wonderful choice for the bathroom floor. You can also use them to decorate above your vanity to finish the look.

2.    Verde Capri Maze Basket Marble Mosaics

Woven patterns ooze wow-factor when they’re complete, which is why you might want to consider these basket marble mosaics. Many people think of black and white or earthy hues when they think of geometric tiles, but these tiles are a subtle alternative, featuring serene green and white stripes. Create a centerpiece by using these tiles around your fireplace.

3.    Honed Raya Basket Limestone Mosaics in Champagne

Tiles are not always the obvious choice for living areas, but they can make just as much of a statement as a boldly painted wall, if not more so. Better still, tiles don’t deteriorate over time, which means your home will stay looking like new for longer. These limestone mosaics are perfect for floors and walls in entranceways, as well as kitchen splashbacks.

4.    Natural Gramma 72 Porcelain Tiles in Black

Wanting to embrace the trend for angular geometric tiles doesn’t mean being exuberant. These porcelain floor tiles replicate natural stone and are a fantastic way to add texture to space while fitting in with your neutral palette. They’re a much more interesting choice to standard square natural stone tiles and, because they’re porcelain, require less upkeep.

5.    Honed Steps 3D Limestone Mosaics in Seashell

3D mosaic tile patterns are the height of contemporary interior design. In fact, they’re an incredibly popular choice for floor-to-ceiling tiling in wet rooms and bathrooms. You can lay these tiles on your floors, walls, and bath surrounds to create an immersive space that’s still neutral and, therefore, relaxing. Pair these tiles with stone-grey fixtures to finish the look.

6.    Umi Hex Porcelain Waterjet Decos

Another brilliant choice for floor-to-ceiling laying are these hexagonal porcelain waterjet decos, but they’re not only suited to the bathroom. You can use these tiles in your entranceway or even your kitchen – they’re ideal for kitchen floors as a backdrop to white cabinets and worktops. You could even install dusty blue linen blinds to complete the look.

7.    Trenza Porcelain Waterjet Decos

You’re probably familiar with standard square “basket” woven patterns, but there’s a lot to be said for vertical plaits, too. These tiles give the illusion of height when used on walls, which is ideal if you’ve always dreamed of owning a property with high ceilings. Set these tiles against plain floor tiles so all the attention is on the walls for maximum effect.

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8.    Marquise Porcelain Waterjet Decos

Large-format tile patterns are a brilliant way to add sophistication to an open-plan space. If you have an open-plan kitchen-living area, you can use these tiles on the floor throughout to make space seem even bigger. Pair these tiles with a complementing palette of white and pale grey using plain wall coverings to keep the attention on your statement floor.

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9.    Octave Porcelain Waterjet Decos

These hexagonal geometric tiles have an air of the Far East about them thanks to the wood-grain finish on the porcelain and the natural palette. In keeping with this, they work beautifully when paired with natural wood and pale bamboo hues. Use these tiles on the floor in any room with plenty of natural light to create a space with the indoor-outdoor appeal.

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10. Honed MCM Hexagon Marble Mosaics

Dark, hexagonal marble mosaics work in almost any room. Lay them in your kitchen paired with slate or dark wood surfaces for a timeless finish. Alternatively, use them floor-to-ceiling in your bathroom alongside metallic fixtures, like a brass free-standing bathtub. You can even lay these tiles floor-to-ceiling in your entranceway, especially if you have high ceilings.

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