7 Tiles That Make You Embrace Pantone’s Color of The Year

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In this article, we’ll discover the world of “classic blue tiles”. As you know, every year the design world waits in anticipation for Pantone, the paint producer, to announce its Color of the Year – a tradition that spans two decades.

In 2019, the color on everyone’s lips was “Living Coral” and, before that, in 2018, it was “Ultra Violet”. Now, for 2020, Pantone’s Color of the Year is “Classic Blue”, which is essentially a soft, dark royal blue.

Embrace Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year

Throughout this year, interior designers everywhere will be including Pantone’s newest blue – the “classic” blue – in their designs. But how will this come into play?

How to introduce “Classic Blue”

Some designers will be introducing classic blue in the easiest way possible: paint color, while others will look to furnishings, fabrics, and window coverings, as well as artwork and fixtures and fittings.

Another way to introduce this sumptuous color into your design is with tiles, especially in your bathroom, washroom, and kitchen. That’s why our designers have put together a concise edit of our favorite, on-palette tiles right now.

Discover “Classic Blue” with these seven tile designs

Discover seven essential tiles that riff on Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year below.

  1. Indigo Marble Tiles

classic blue tiles

These indigo tiles are multifaceted in that they feature numerous shades of blue, and each tile varies from the other. The tiles are standard squares that work beautifully for kitchen backdrops and bathroom surrounds. The texture of these tiles evokes the ocean, or the sky, which makes them ideal for a coastal theme. Pair them with complementing dark blue soft furnishings and natural wood decorations and fixtures to complete the look.

  1. Azul Fiore Polished Granite Slab

classic blue tiles

A slab of granite is the ultimate statement in any room and works especially well in the kitchen This stone features numerous tones of blue as well as specks of white and brown, which again has an oceanic quality. Place this blue granite slab at the center of your kitchen, as your island worktop, to make a statement that will catch everyone’s eye when they walk in the room. Style this with concrete-look floor tiles for a fresh, contemporary finish.

  1. Indigo Hexagon Marble Mosaics

hexagon indigo blue tiles

It’s easy to be attracted to standard square tiles, but they’re not always the best choice. Mosaics – especially these hexagon mosaics – are a fantastic way to add texture and interest to any room. These tiles feature an abstract pattern that riffs on stonewashed denim and work exceptionally well when laid floor-to-ceiling in wet rooms or walk-in showers. You could even use these tiles to create a striking border around your bathroom mirror.

  1. Free Spirit Rustic Ceramic Tiles

blue tiles

Rustic all-brick walls add tonnes of character, but they’re little use if you’re after an injection of color that spans beyond orange and brown. That’s where these tiles can help – their dimensions are similar to a standard brick and they can be laid in a similar way, with a smaller grout gap, for a rustic finish with personality. These tiles are incredibly versatile, too, and work for everything from chimney breasts to bath surrounds. You could even lay them on the floor in your kitchen for an off-kilter finish that will set your home apart.

  1. Free Spirit Vivid Subway Tiles

classic blue tile

Prefer subway tiles to bricks? We’ve got you covered. These blue subway tiles are incredibly similar to Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year and can be laid in a multitude of ways. Use these tiles in the bathroom alongside white ceramics for a clean, modern finish, or use them to inject personality into your kitchen with a colorful splashback that will leave you smiling. You could even pair these tiles with French toile tiles for a more charming, traditional edge.

  1. Free Spirit Vivid San Felipe Ceramic Tiles

There’s nothing saying that just because classic blue is Pantone’s 2020 color that it can’t also work for traditional designs. If you live in an older property, such as a farmhouse, you can reinstate some of its original charms with our San Felipe tiles, which slot together effortlessly. You can use these tiles for something simple like a bath surround or take your design that little bit further with a striking floor-to-ceiling pattern that oozes traditional charm.

  1. Pickford Blue Plain Harlequin Ceramic Tiles

Diamond-shaped tiles are an increasingly popular choice, for both kitchens and bathrooms. These dark blue ceramic tiles really pop when set against crisp white grouting and work especially well in the kitchen. Pair these tiles against clean white or pale grey worktops and, to contrast, a black slate floor. You could even install traditional kitchen cabinets with woven glasswork to really make your finished design stand out from the crowd.

Love Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year and want to explore more about “classic blue tiles?” Browse our full range of blue tiles here.



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