Top Reasons to Choose White Marble Tile

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White marble tile is very popular due to the increase of contemporary house designs, particularly high rise apartments. White Carrara, Calacatta Gold, Thassos from Greece, and Dolomiti from Turkey are some of the most popular varieties.

Carrara is one of the oldest quarries in the World. Its unique warm background and fine thin pencil veins make it blendable with any interior design theme. Calacatta Gold is a timeless classic beauty. It has milky white background and warm big open veins.

white marble tile
Calacatta Arabescato Marble

There are many varieties of white marble tile under many different names. Calacatta Arabescato, Statuario, Statuary, Bianco Statuario, Oro are some of the well-known varieties.

Due to its recent popularity availability of this stone has become more scare. Thassos is the whitest and purest marble in the World. It comes from an island with the same name and most of the island is made out of this natural stone.

White Carrara Honed 1x1 Marble Mosaic 12x12

White Carrara Honed 1x1 Marble Mosaic

White Carrara Honed Hexagon Marble Mosaic 12x12

White Carrara Honed Hexagon Marble Mosaic

White Carrara Honed Basket Weave Marble Mosaic 12x12

White Carrara Honed Basket Weave Marble Mosaic


Finally, Dolomiti or snow-white comes from the island of Marmara of Istanbul. Dolomiti is one of the warmest white stones in the World.

How to choose the best white marble tile

The beauty of it is a subjective term and it varies from person to person. Marble is a natural material used in bathrooms and/or other wet areas. It is also a form of natural beauty and big broad veins, and a uniform background is some of the most important considerations in choosing quality marble.

white marble tile
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Like most natural materials, there are multiple grades of it that can be used on the floor and wall.

First grade is literally the nicest pieces of marble with the most desirable color and background is chosen. These provide aesthetic beauty and uniformity. Undesirable veins, spots, pits are sorted out.

National chains like Floor and Decor, Lowe’s, and Home Depot normally carry builder grade. Builder grade is pretty much all the leftovers and comes at a cheaper price.

What is the best wall tile size?

The best wall tile size for white marble tile is 12×24. This shape is versatile and can be used vertical tiling installations and horizontal. For marble floors, we recommend a square tile like 18×18 or. 12×12.

This can be installed diagonal tile layout, horizontal tile layout, or staggered joint. Obviously, it is important to coordinate your floor tiles with wall tiles so that you have uniformity in your space.

For smaller spaces like backsplashes or small bathroom tiles, we recommend subway tile in. 3×6 format or 3×9 format. We normally install a subway tile in a staggered joint. See the origins of the subway tile.

For mosaics, classic patterns like. basketweave pattern mosaic tiles or herringbone mosaics is timeless.

White Carrara Honed Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic 11x11

White Carrara Honed Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic

Snow White Polished Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic 11x11

Snow White Polished Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic

Aspen White Honed Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic 11x11

Aspen White Honed Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic


Shower floors and bathroom floors normally require smaller tiles with more grout joints to provide some friction to prevent slippage. Your dream marble bathroom deserves the best from Marble Systems.

How to install White Marble Tile?

White marble tiles are available in a variety of finishes. Because of this, polished marble is the most popular finish in natural stone. It creates a perfect sheen and a reflecting surface. Recent home decoration trends encouraged tile factories to produce the honed finish.

Honed tile or mat finish tile does not have reflection and it hides imperfections and normal wear and tear. Honed marble shows fewer scratches. Textured leathered marble, full-grain, sandblasted marble, and brushed surface provide a variety of rough or semi-rough finishes.

These finishes are versatile and it enhances the timeless beauty of marble.

Installation procedures depend on the white marble tile being used. Most white marbles are very absorbent and type of thin-set or mortar should be used. is a good thin-set provider. Waterproofing is important for the installation of white marble tiles.

Nonetheless, using these as well as a white thin-set will make your installation more clean and translucent. Recommended grout joint for most installation is 1/8″ to 1/16″. Grout’s joint prevents expansion-contraction and a better bond.

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