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15 Perfect Black Floors for Bathrooms: Best Bathroom Ideas

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When it comes to bathroom design ideas, black bathroom tile floors are a great way of updating your space into a chic and contemporary style. Not only do they add a unique design element, but they’re also a low-maintenance option since they’re stain resistant.

Discover our 15 best black floor bathroom ideas with multiple tile styles, shades, and finishes.

1. Matte Black Hexagon Tile

black hexagon tile

Photo by Camelot Custom Homes Inc.More bathroom photos

First on our list is this modern ceramic matte black hexagon tile floor that creates a sophisticated and trendsetting style. Moreover, due to its matte finish, it has anti-slip properties.

Black Honed Hexagon Marble Tile

Size: 8x8Stock: 350.00 pcs.

Black Matte Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 175.66 sq. ft.

Black Matte Hexagon Ceramic Tile

Size: 8 1/4Stock: Temporarily out of stock.

2. Honed Black Marble Tile

Photo by Laura Burton InteriorsMore bathroom photos

For a classic black tile bathroom look, there’s nothing more timeless and striking than a honed black marble tile bathroom floor. Elegant and hardwearing, it will define your bathroom for years to come.

Iris Black Brushed Marble Tile

Size: 16x16Stock: 1,635.85 sq. ft.

Iris Black Brushed Marble Tile

Size: 16x24Stock: 1,173.91 sq. ft.

Black Honed Marble Tile

Size: 12x12Stock: 5,396.00 sq. ft.

3. Black Marble Subway Tile Floor

black subway tile

If you love the look of a black subway tile floor but are seeking something more natural, then this black marble subway tile is for you.

Iris Black Honed Subway Marble Tile

Size: 2x8Stock: Temporarily out of stock.

Iris Black Polished Subway Marble Tile

Size: 2x8Stock: 602.52 sq. ft.

Iris Black Leather Subway Marble Tile

Size: 2x8Stock: 555.16 sq. ft.

4. Industrial Concrete-Look Tile

black floor tile

Photo by LIMA CERAMIC TILE LLCDiscover bathroom design ideas

For modern, industrial spaces like lofts, go for a contemporary style black floor tile design. This honed black concrete-look porcelain tile has a smooth, industrial look.

5. Black Penny Floor

black penny tile

Photo by Woodenbox LLCBrowse bathroom photos

Penny tiles for bathrooms are one of our popular tiles, for good reason. This gorgeous honed marble black penny bathroom tile combines both vintage and contemporary styles for a distinct look.

Iris Black Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic

Size: 11 1/4x11 3/4Stock: 922.00 pcs.

Black, Snow White, Allure Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic

Size: 11 1/4x11 3/4Stock: 624.00 pcs.

Black Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic

Size: 11 1/4x11 3/4Stock: 1,496.27 pcs.

6. Black Honed Rectangle Marble Tile

black marble bathroom floor

Nothing beats the artistry of nature, and this certainly holds true black marble bathroom floors. This exquisite honed marble black rectangle tile highlights the delicate white veining that naturally occurs in marble.

7. Black and White Basket Weave Tile

black and white floor tile

Photo by HU-455428047Look for bathroom pictures

If you love vintage mid-century style designs, then we suggest going for a classic black and white floor tile design. This black and white basket-weave marble mosaic recalls the black and white tile floors of twentieth-century French cafés.

Carrara Blend Honed Basket Weave 1x3 Marble Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 196.00 pcs.

Avenza Honed Basket Weave Marble Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 816.00 pcs.

Thassos, Thassos White Honed Basket Weave Marble Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 905.00 pcs.

9. Black Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile

black floor tile

Photo by SQ ProjectsDiscover bathroom design inspiration

Black porcelain bathroom tiles are ideal due to their high durability and low maintenance. Easy to clean and long-lasting, they’re ideal for anyone seeking an easy-to-maintain black floor tile.

10. Black and White Marble Mosaic Bathroom Tile

black and white tile

This black and white tile design has a strikingly artistic design to its mix-and-match of different black and white patterned tile styles. The floor tile pictured is our honed marble black and white mosaic tile.

8. Black Square Ceramic Mosaic Floor

black mosaic tile

This 2×2 ceramic black mosaic tile has an understated look that’s highly versatile. Note how the tiles pictured above have been installed as both a black floor tile and a black tile backsplash for a streamlined look.

Black Matte Crosshatch Ceramic Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 245.43 sq. ft.

Black Matte Herringbone Ceramic Mosaic

Size: 10x13Stock: 560.15 sq. ft.

Black Matte 2x2 Ceramic Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 714.81 sq. ft.

11. Black Subway Tile Bathroom Floor

black subway tile

Photo by Castle Building & RemodelingSearch bathroom pictures

Black subway tiles are certainly one of the most popular tile trends of the past few years and will certainly continue to be in style for the years to come. Embrace the elegance of a glossy ceramic black subway tile floor or, for an anti-slip alternative, choose a matte subway tile.

Karasuba Rustic Subway Thin Brick Tile

Size: 2 3/4x9 3/4Stock: 328.10 sq. ft.

Black Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile

Size: 3x9Stock: 186.06 sq. ft.

Black Matte Subway Ceramic Tile

Size: 4x12Stock: 2,335.61 sq. ft.

12. Mini Black Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile

black hexagon floor tile

Photo by 2to5designSearch bathroom design ideas

A cross between a classic black hexagon floor tile and a penny tile bathroom design, a mini black hexagon tile bathroom is both chic and charming.

13. Black Limestone Tile Floor

black tile bathroom

Photo by Wezel ArchitekturBrowse bathroom photos

An uncommon natural stone tile, black limestone tiles have a natural blue undertone that’s absolutely striking. Note how the black tile creates a welcoming cool-toned look in the black tile bathroom pictured above.

14. Black Slate Bathroom Tile

Photo byLook for bathroom design inspiration

Black slate tiles have a gorgeous organic look that’s right at home in nature. Its volcanic look pairs well with seaside-inspired interiors or dark toned contemporary designs.

Ember Ash Natural Cleft Slate Tile

Size: 12x24Stock: 1,415.00 sq. ft.

Ember Ash Honed Slate Tile

Size: 12x24Stock: 3,988.00 sq. ft.

Slate Natural Slate Look Porcelain Tile

Size: 12x24Stock: 1,753.04 sq. ft.

15. Checkerboard Bathroom Floor

black and white bathroom tile

We end our list with one of our absolute favorite black bathroom tile designs. These black and white bathroom tiles from the Checkerboard Marble Collection have an utterly elegant and refined look that’s incredibly daring.

Glacier Honed Marble Tile

Size: 12x12Stock: 82.21 sq. ft.

Allure Light Honed Marble Tile

Size: 12x12Stock: 150.00 sq. ft.

Black Honed Marble Tile

Size: 12x12Stock: 5,396.00 sq. ft.

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