Use Outdoor Stone Tile To Create A Stylish Space

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Are you folks gearing up for summer but worried your garden’s looking worse for wear? Then do not worry because a natural stone terrace could make all the difference to your tired back yard or garden. You can simply use outdoor stone tiles to create a stylish outdoor space this summer.

outdoor stone tile

At Marble Systems when you are purchasing natural stone for a terrace or outdoor area, you don’t need to worry about purchasing several tile sizes. Instead, you can think outside the box and buy a random tile pattern. This will give you enough tiles in different sizes to make up an attractive, stylish design for your new summer natural stone terrace.

Our natural stone patterns come in a variety of finishes. They include:

What to Consider When Choosing Your Natural Stone

Which natural stone will suit your garden best is determined by a variety of factors. Here is a checklist below, from our design team at Marble Systems regarding what you need to consider when choosing your natural stone terrace:

 Size of Outdoor Stone Tile

Yes, size does matter when choosing landscape stone, and of course how big your outdoor area is will determine which stone you choose.

For smaller areas choose something parred back, like our champagne tumbles marble in a versaille pattern which is fantastic, as it provides a simple yet sophisticated backdrop for your exterior.

Diana Royal Reclaimed Marble Pavers Ashlar Pattern

Diana Royal Reclaimed Marble Pavers

Ashlar Patternx11/4"
Diana Royal Renaissance Marble Pavers Versailles Pattern

Diana Royal Renaissance Marble Pavers

Versailles Patternx11/4"

For much larger areas, as pool surrounds, a far more sumptuous finish may suit, like our walnut dark tumbled travertine complete with pool copings which features a rich palette of earthy hues and thus allows your terrace to become a statement feature, that would fit the centerfold of a popular glossy interiors magazine.


It’s likely that if you’re overhauling your garden or back yard you have considered choosing a theme to follow.

Perhaps you are inspired by the romantic gardens of rural Italy. If so, you may want to choose a creamy natural stone, like our classic ivory travertine.

If you are considering a more cosmopolitan theme, then go for a darker stone tile like our Silverado Tumbled Marble which would be perfect, with matching pool copings for that detailed stylish finish.


High-quality outdoor furniture can set you back a pretty penny, so if you’ve already purchased your furniture, you’ll need to choose a stone to match to compliment the overall look of your new natural stone terrace.

Rattan furniture pairs nicely with sandy hues, like our Diana Royal Tumbled Marble, whereas metallic outdoor furniture may look best alongside our Skyline Reclaimed Marble, which boasts cooler tones.

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile 12x12

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Tile 4x4

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Tile

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile 18x18

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile


Purpose of Outdoor Stone Tiles

There’s nothing in the style books saying that you need to use the same stone throughout your exterior, so explore the possibilities we offer here at Marble Systems and explore our landscape natural stone sample range.

If you have a large garden or back yard and are installing a new terrace with a separate entertaining or cooking area, why not use two different types of stone?

Our design team recommends Reclaimed marble which may work beautifully for your entertaining space, which sees less traffic. While tumbled travertine shows less wear and tear, which could be ideal for a busy terrace area that family and friends may frequent.

Diana Royal Reclaimed Marble Pavers Ashlar Pattern

Diana Royal Reclaimed Marble Pavers

Ashlar Patternx11/4"
Skyline Reclaimed Marble Pavers Ashlar Pattern

Skyline Reclaimed Marble Pavers

Ashlar Patternx11/4"


You may want to bring your new natural stone terrace alive with an abundance of planting, or stylish planters. Whatever your green planting scheme, it’s worth planning some planting zones set amongst your natural stone terrace, or by using built-up stone flower beds with the same natural stone with our detailed natural stone copings.

outdoor stone tile

Outdoor Stone Tile Lightning

Well placed lighting will add the wow factor to your new natural stone terrace at night. Great for entertaining and also during those dark winter days, when you can add an exterior focal point beyond your interior view. Consider using LED outdoor uplighting or flush low level wall lighting to bring the beauty of your stone terrace alive.


It’s worth bearing in mind when choosing your outdoor stone tile that lighter stone will show signs of wear more easily than darker stone. If you have an issue with the rustic look, we recommend selecting a dark stone, like tumbled travertine.

A Note From Marble Systems Design Team:

Love outdoor living and want to bring a bit of the outdoors into your home? Consider laying the same natural stone floor that you have on your patio in your kitchen, or whichever room overlooks your garden.

By using the same stone indoors as you do outdoors, you’ll create a consistent style that will bring the space together as one when the patio doors are thrown open in the summer months.

Explore all our natural stone patterns for your garden here and get a sample today.

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