A Homage to Textured Stone Mosaic Wall of Fallingwater House

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textured stone wall

Textured stone has become more popular after the phenomenal “Fallingwater house in Pennsylvania”. In this article, we’ll go to the roots of textured stone walls. Join us at Marble Systems’ as we pay homage to architect Frank Lloyd Wright with textured stone mosaic walls.

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright is regarded as one of the greatest designers to have ever lived. When you look at his plethora of exceptional buildings, you’ll see why.

Frank Lloyd Wright is responsible for the Guggenheim Museum in New York – his last ever project. But there are many other, smaller-scale projects to his name with just as much edge and innovation.

A signature of Lloyd Wright’s is the textured stone wall, which features many of his projects, including his own home and studio, as well as the phenomenal Fallingwater house in Pennsylvania.

This use of textured natural stone mosaics on a building’s exterior makes the building sit right at home in natural surroundings, which is something you too can achieve even inside your home.

How to achieve the look with texture stone mosaic walls

The key to a home that sits well in its natural surroundings is to have an interior that brings elements of the outdoors indoors, which allows you to be at one with your environment.

Textured mosaic stone walls are an excellent way to add this natural element to your home, plus these tiles are incredibly versatile and can be used on virtually any wall in your property.

Below we explore some of the different ways you can use textured stone mosaics in your home.

Creating a striking entranceway

If you have high ceilings to play with at the front of your property, why not install a skylight above and panel the walls with textured mosaics? White natural stone mosaic tiles are ideal for contemporary properties, while sandy hues add a traditional edge to older properties. Use the mosaics to cover the entirety of the largest wall in your entrance, right up to your staircase.

Champagne Rock Face 2x6 Limestone Mosaic 12x14

Champagne Rock Face 2x6 Limestone Mosaic


 Add coastal charm to your kitchen

Is your property by the ocean? Then use that as inspiration and create a kitchen that fits in with its surroundings by using textured natural stone mosaics on your kitchen walls. Our Seashell Rock Face tiles are especially well suited and glitter ever so slightly when drenched in natural light, which makes them perfect for kitchens with large glass doors leading out to a south-facing garden.

 Make a statement of your fireplace

If you’ve ever been to a cabin in the woods or a ranch, you’ll know only too well how to make a statement of your fireplace using texture stone mosaic tiles. By taking elements of their surroundings – such as rocky riverbeds – these types of properties have an air of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design signature which acknowledges a property’s natural setting. Our Canyon Split Face Slides, for instance, are perfect for decorating your chimney breast.

textured stone mosaic wall

Go “au natural” in the bathroom

At one time or another, we’ve all reminisced about a simpler existence, where humans worked the land and lived in natural surroundings. Now you can bring an element of that yesteryear appeal into your bathroom with textured natural stone mosaic tiles. Clad your wet room in these tiles from floor-to-ceiling and the next time you take a shower you’ll feel like you’re in the rocky hilltops.


Embrace immersive outdoor dining

Our textured stone mosaics may not be suitable for cladding your home’s exterior. But there’s nothing stopping you using them in covered areas. If you have a barbecuing space that’s covered with a roof, you can use these tiles to create a statement island for you to use for prep. Alternatively, create a feature wall in your games area with an all-stone surface.

A note from our designers

The wonderful thing about Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs is his use of platforms which, when covered with natural stone mosaics, embody a cliff edge. You can achieve a similar look by using textured tiles on unexpected surfaces, such as your staircase surround or the exterior-facing wall in your bedroom. Using the same tiles throughout your home will mean, inside at least, your property appears to be part of the stone build, just like when brick slips are used in warehouse conversions.

It’s also important to embrace the outdoors in other elements of your home, such as when selecting your furnishings. Natural wood furniture, for example, will further enhance your aesthetic. We also recommend avoiding bold colors in favor of neutral tones, like beige, brown, blush pink, and grey.

Explore our inspiration gallery for further ideas.

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