Turkish Gray Marble

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Gray, as a color value, has been a subject of conversation in this space before. We said previously that:“Gray moves through our consciousness like a color that is looking for a friend. If colors were people and had dating sites like match.com, then gray might be a shy but reliable person seeking a more primal mate”. Turkish Gray Marble is a fashionable design element that can blend into most any design thought. Let’s see a few examples.

Turkish Gray Marble
Avenza Gray Marble

This particular natural stone has long been recognized by the stone industry for its purity of color, size flexibility and hard-wearing characteristics. A fine example is our Avenza Gray Marble shown throughout this post.

As mentioned above, size flexibility is a key element and benefit to Turkish Gray Marble. Our Avenza is available in tile format, mosaics, and even slabs.

Turkish Gray Marble
Avenza Marble Slab

Utility is also important in choosing a natural stone. We have shown tile format in the bath, mosaics as a backsplash in a kitchen, and a slab as a potential countertop. Well, that is it for now and thanks for reading!

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