Modern Stone Fireplace Ideas

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Any conversation about Modern Stone Fireplace Ideas has to jump around a bit. Where will the fireplace be? What is the color idea? What scale do you have in mind? What kind of practical usage will it have? What variety of stone? That said,  why not discuss this for a few minutes?

Modern Stone Fireplace Ideas

The entire idea of a fireplace has significantly migrated from the practical to the prosperous. Our forefathers needed the fireplace to cook and keep warm. Certainly, the keeping warm component is still there. However, not many folks are cooking with it anymore and the reality is that a modern stone fireplace is many times a pure design focal point.

Most of the residential fireplaces I have been involved in producing were in living rooms and/or family rooms. Please don’t get me wrong. Man caves, she caves, exterior patios, and bedrooms are also typical usages. But let’s stick to the living room for the moment.

In practice, a size that works is to keep the size of a flat screen TV in mind. Sure, not all fireplaces will have a visual media component placed above it, but it can establish a scale in your mind’s eye. As to color: neutral bones, various whites and grays make tremendous sense. All of these color values can be achieved with natural stone.

In an effort to keep it modern here are a few thoughts:

– less visual movement in stone veining and color values.

– minimize carving and ornamentation especially on the mantle and legs.

– keep the depth of the piece relatively thin since this will move you away from a sense of ponderous density.

In closing, Marble Systems has the ability to achieve your Modern Stone Fireplace Ideas. Learn more about that here. Thanks for reading!

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