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This Month’s Designer’s Choice: Arcobaleno Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo floor tiles are quite popular recently. For this reason, as a designer at Marble Systems, my choice this month comes from a desire for versatility: tiles with a multitude of color variations that can be used throughout the home. Cue Marble Systems' Arcobaleno Terrazzo Tile [...]
terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo Tiles: The Ultimate Sustainable Tile Flooring

Why Marble Systems terrazzo tiles are the ultimate in sustainable tile flooring?Terrazzo is crated from marble scraps, recycled glass chips and cement, which are melded to form a tile. These recycled tiles are just as beautiful as its less sustainable counterparts, if not more [...]
Marble Systems

Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo might be loosely defined as an aggregate material that can be poured in place onsite or precast offsite, then delivered, and installed. Typically, this material is a flooring but is also viable as a wall covering. The aggregate is composed of bits of marble, granite, quartz, glass, or [...]