This Month’s Designer’s Choice: Arcobaleno Terrazzo Tiles

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Terrazzo floor tiles are quite popular recently. For this reason, as a designer at Marble Systems, my choice this month comes from a desire for versatility: tiles with a multitude of color variations that can be used throughout the home. Cue Marble Systems’ Arcobaleno Terrazzo Tile collection.

terrazzo floor tiles

Many of us are used to seeing Terrazzo tiles in public buildings, especially those designed between the 1930s and 1970s, and there’s good reason for that. Terrazzo has made a comeback for many reasons. Terrazzo is not only incredibly hard-wearing and durable; it also has a signature speckled surface that provides just enough interest without feeling over the top. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice when it comes to sustainable interiors because terrazzo combines otherwise waste materials and recycled materials to create these mesmerizing tiles.

When it comes to style then terrazzo tiles make an ideal choice for those that strive for minimalism but want to avoid a plain or bland finish, which is why terrazzo has made its way into the home.

Our Terrazzo Floor Tiles

As mentioned, what drew me to terrazzo this month was the multitude of colors available, which is attractive for several reasons:

  1. You can easily create a checkerboard pattern or similar using two or three complementing colors
  2. You can use different colors in multiple rooms in the home for a consistent finish that isn’t repetitive

For example, our terrazzo tiles come in a selection of blue, grey, and white tones. Most hues are neutral and some lean towards pastel, which means you can avoid bold, difficult to pair colors.

terrazzo floor tiles

Terrazzo floor tiles in the home

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most popular rooms in the home for terrazzo tiles, however, it’s not unusual to find terrazzo in entranceways stairwells either. Don’t be shy to consider our terrazzo tiles on larger areas, that will provide an on-trend look and their durability will stand the test of time. Terrazzo floor tiles require little maintenance and are easy to clean; if cared for properly, it will retain its appearance for decades.

Terrazzo in the bathroom

Blue and white terrazzo tiles are an excellent pairing for the bathroom. You can lay the tiles in a conventional checkboard pattern, at random, or use the different color tiles to create a feature wall. For instance, you might want to consider white for the floor and azure blue for the bath surround.

Soft Matte Terrazzo Tile 8x8

Soft Matte Terrazzo Tile

$3.99 / sq. ft.

Terrazzo in the kitchen

Some people consider terrazzo ‘old fashioned’ due to its popularity in the 30s to 70s, however, it’s easy to use this versatile material in an ultra-modern property also, especially in the kitchen. Consider asphalt and soft grey terrazzo tiles paired against metallic countertops or painted wood. Terrazzo tile is in fact a perfect designer choice for kitchens which are high traffic areas. You can combine colorways with our terrazzo tile or create a more uniformed look.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to our Terrazzo floor tiles.

Terrazzo floor tiles in the bedroom

terrazzo floor tiles

The Italians widely used terrazzo tile for flooring also in the home including bedroom floors. Terrazzo has stood the test of time and is not only a stylish choice but a practical one. A stunning rug can help to layer up a softer look when it comes to stylish a terrazzo tile floor in the bedroom. The dreamy pastel Terrazzo tile color palette we offer at Marble Systems from ice cream parlor pinks, mints and blues makes a feminine choice for the bedroom. When opting for neutral looks then consider Linen Matte Terrazzo tiles.

Terrazzo Inspiration

A good place to get inspiration when it comes to interior design application of tile is to peruse the style pages of interior magazines and sites like Houzz and Pinterest and indeed our very own inspiration gallery

A sustainable choice

I couldn’t write about Terrazzo floor tiles without shouting about their sustainable qualities. One of the most environmentally friendly tile choices due to its composition. Terrazzo tiles are manufactured from recycled materials including marble, granite, glass, and other recycled materials. For this reason, the material has such an interesting flecked surface. When renovating our homes, we should all be looking to be greener, and with terrazzo, you can while also giving your home a finish that’s timeless and very stylish.

With some recycled materials you pay a premium for the ‘green option’, but terrazzo is also an affordable tile, especially when compared to higher-end natural stone like marble. Whichever way you look at it, you really can’t go wrong with terrazzo tiles.

Ready to overhaul your home? Explore our full Arcobaleno Terrazzo Tile Collection here and experience it for yourself with our virtual showroom.

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