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Do you want to create a designer home office with our natural stone tile collections? In this article, we’ll show you how to achieve this goal with natural beauties such as marble, travertine, etc. All too often offices are stuffy cramped rooms in the far forgotten corner of the house, with little light or attention to detail. But that really does not need to be the case.

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The best way to ensure you are truly productive when working at home is to work in a space that makes you feel positive, a space that you want to be in, therefore it’s time to overhaul your drab home office. There are many ways you can transform your home office but, as with any interior, one of the best ways to bring a space into the 21st century is with the materials you use, working from the ground up. So yes folks that means great flooring and walling choices like natural stone tiles to adhere to use.

Natural stone floor tiles for your home office

Your choice of flooring is crucial to determining what the rest of the room will look like, so let’s take a look at some of our top picks for designer-inspired floor tiles for your home office, to get you back into being productive in that home office of yours.

La Roche Limestone

Neutrals naturally evoke calmness in any space, and where is it essential that you feel calm and collected? In your home office, of course. Take a look at our La Roche Limestone tile collection, which boasts a variety of cool tones with subtle speckling – a real signature of limestone.

Elite Brun Multi Finish Limestone Tile 16x24

Elite Brun Multi Finish Limestone Tile


Do you love the thought of an ultra-modern black and white home office? Then Marble Systems’ Beaumaniere Leather Limestone Tiles are the perfect backdrop. Perhaps you want to give your home office an industrial edgy look and feel? Our Elite Brun Multi-Finish Limestone Tiles have you covered. Pair them with upcycled raw wood furniture and copper fixtures to complete the look.

Leathered Stone Tiles

When you dream of your perfect home office, do you imagine a large wooden desk, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a library perhaps, and an aged leather chair in the corner? Then you will really love our leathered marble tiles.

Diana Royal Leather Marble Tile 16x24

Diana Royal Leather Marble Tile


These marble tiles are not only incredibly hard-wearing and easy to maintain (thank you, marble), they are also distinct in their design compared to other marble. There are no decadent swirls or patterns here – just a warm, authentic leather look, that enriches the home office.

For warm, earth palettes, consider our Paradise Leather Marble Tiles, which sit effortlessly alongside antique furniture. However, if you’re set on a black and white theme, choose our Diana Royal Leather Marble Tiles.

American Slate

Over the years, slate floor tiles have risen in popularity and are now a go-to for interior designers and DIY aficionados alike – most likely because of its cool blue-black palette that works in any contemporary home, in any room. And your home office is no different. Pair slate tiles against white walls mounted with earthy artwork for an of-the-moment workspace that will help you to think.

Ember Ash Natural Cleft Slate Tile 12x24

Ember Ash Natural Cleft Slate Tile

Ember Ash Honed Slate Tile 12x24

Ember Ash Honed Slate Tile


Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles

When it comes to charming country homes, you can’t go wrong with reclaimed terracotta tiles, which are also a sustainable choice. These tiles are favored for their warm hue and the striking diamond pattern they create when laid at an angle. Pair these tiles against natural wood furniture and stone fixtures for a modern space that nods to traditional charm.

Reclaimed Natural Hexagon Terracotta Tile 6x6

Reclaimed Natural Hexagon Terracotta Tile

Reclaimed Natural Square Terracotta Tile 6x6

Reclaimed Natural Square Terracotta Tile


Golden Onyx Tile

For those wanting an uber-luxe office, that brings a wealth of character and warmth, then take a look at our Golden Onyx Tile. Its gem-like quality makes it the perfect tile to make you feel on top of your game. Pair with Mid Century furniture to create a designer look.

Fantasy White Marble

A feminine glamorous office can be achieved with our Fantasy White Marble as a floor tile in a varied choice of sizes and formats, which will look fantastic with our modern mosaic from the Atelier Mosaic Collection as a stunning wall tile feature wall.

natural stone tile

A note from our designers

One of the most important aspects of a home office is that it is recognizably different from the rest of your home – you will be more productive if you feel that you’ve gone somewhere else, just like if you were going into the office. Therefore, try to avoid making your home office look the same as every other room in your home; it doesn’t matter if it isn’t in-keeping with your aesthetic, in fact, it’s a good idea to make it feel and look different as a space to work in that inspires you to be productive.

To make a start, explore our full range of natural stone tiles here.

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