Mediterranean terracotta

Outdoor Living in Mediterranean Style with the Cotto Med Terracotta

Terracotta tile is an affordable and versatile option for flooring, backsplashes, and more. It's also a great choice for people who want to bring the warmth of natural materials into their homes without paying top dollar. When we speak of terracotta, we have to look at the Mediterranean region [...]
square terracotta tiles

Transform Your Outdoor Area Into A Haven With Terracotta Tiles

Hexagon terracotta tiles, square terracotta, or arabesque terracotta tiles... When we think about the Mediterranean, we do have a certain type of stylistic choice that springs to mind. The Mediterranean generally is associated with warm colors, terracotta tiles, and a sort of rustic charm that [...]
reclaimed terracotta tile

4 Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles for Sustainable Luxury Flooring

Sustainable and luxury don’t often go hand in hand.  But reclaimed terracotta tiles are a welcome surprise. These tiles are salvaged from older properties and sites and don’t go through the same rigorous process as new tiles, which means they have a fraction of the carbon [...]

Natural Terracotta Tiles

I was first introduced to materials that were truly Natural Terracotta Tiles during a trip to Florence, Italy. In the early ’80s, the Impruneta area offered a wonderful array of classically produced natural terracotta tiles that still linger in my imagination. Since then, that area continues [...]