South Florida White Marble

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South Florida White Marble.

South Florida. No destination in the world more speaks to a sense of cool and hip than SoFla and the Magic City of Miami. From the Art Deco essence of South Beach to the waters of the Gulfstream to Lebron and the Heat, this one thriving locale pulses with energy and style. Part of that style is the use of white as a statement in design and no one element more embodies that than South Florida White Marble.

South Florida White Marble.
Avalon Polished Marble

The overall veracity of white marbles in the world of luxury interior design is unquestioned. To that point, a very interesting design blog site called says Lately we have been seeing a lot of white marble in various interior design projects. At first it seemed to be mostly in bathrooms and in countertops from time to time. However, people are now stepping their game up with where they are placing the marble and to what extent it is being used”.

Marble Systems, through its South Florida location, is positively positioned to deliver on all the design promise that white marble offers in the sub-tropical setting of South Florida or any other location where haute design ideas are required. Luxurious marble flooring is epitomized by such Marble Systems collections as Avalon Polished, shown above and the always pitch perfect Aspen White as seen below.

Aspen White Marble
Aspen White Marble

Let’s not forget how important white marble can be for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Recognizing that design imperative, Marble Systems maintains a significant inventory of slabs in South Florida in eternal marbles like Calacatta, Carrara and Statuary. Two of which are indicated immediately below.

South Florida White Marble.
Carrara & Statuary Slabs

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