Six Tips to Select a Granite Top

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There could literally be hundreds of ideas on this topic. However, we have decided to focus on just Six Tips to Select a Granite Top for our topic today. Also, we will narrow this to the kitchen.

1. Please understand how you plan to use your kitchen. Perhaps you think that is obvious. However, I can tell you from personal experience that there are lots of different user types. Know whether you will be cooking constantly with lots of aggressive staining agents or will you be a much less dedicated user. No shame either way….be realistic.

Six Tips to Select a Granite Top

2. Go to the slab yard and “see for yourself” in order to truly understand your options. Most places will let you buy and tag the exact  slabs you selected for later pickup.

3. Please bring some samples of other finish materials with you when you make the above visit. Paint, cabinet materials, hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc., they all need to work together. So test them out visually.

4. Time is in your side. This kitchen countertop will be there for a long time. It certainly makes sense to invest  a good amount of time in the selection process.

Six Tips to Select a Granite Top

5. Work with a professional fabricator. This is the person/business who will measure, cut, fit, and finish your kitchen countertop. The slab yard may also provide this service or maybe not. Know all this information very early in the game. You will appreciate it later.

6. Understand the process. If this is new construction, that is a bit cleaner and easier. Should you be in a renovation situation, then we have a different story. Something existing, whatever it is, has to be removed. Then, very heavy pieces of “rock” will be manhandled into your home. There may possibly be some cutting and final fitting right there in your  very own kitchen. None of this is a big deal. Just be ready.

We hope this has helped. Marble Systems has slabs in stock. Come visit us!

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