Absolute Black Granite Slabs

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In the world of haute couture, the catch-all phrase for high fashion, basic black is a standard statement and a must have piece in your wardrobe. To a degree, this is also true of Absolute Black Granite Slabs and Black Stone is general.

Absolute Black Granite Slabs
Absolute Black

In the 1920’s,  Coco Chanel gave the world the Little Black Dress. This element proved to be an absolute go-to wardrobe piece that would never let the person wearing it down from a design standpoint. No better example of the iconic cache of the Little Black Dress can ever be found than Audrey Hepburn as shown below.

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It is not a reach to say that Absolute Black Granite is the LBT of the stone world. If you are using the material in tile form as a flooring or wall covering it will both exhibit elegance and pair easily with other design components. If you choose our Absolute Black Granite Slabs for kitchen countertops or bath vanity tops, you will be pleased by both the design result and the performance of the product.

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