Modern Pool House Design Trends

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Pool houses are traditionally a separate building near the pool, with a changing area, storage for equipment, and often a seating area. Modern times have elevated the pool house to a stylish, fully-equipped entertainment zone. What elements should you consider when designing a modern pool house?

Open Your Pool House To The Outdoors

Indoor-outdoor living is what the pool house is all about, so choose materials like marble and ceramic tile that can stand up to the elements. Use retractable walls or wide glass doors to let the breeze in, and create an easy flow from in and out. Tie the pool house to the surrounding landscape by using the same materials. Check out our Landscape Stone section to see your option.

Create A Backyard Entertainment Zone

In addition to changing areas and a bathroom with shower, you’ll want a kitchenette stocked with cold drinks and snacks. A lounge area can serve as a second living space in warmer climates, so a media setup for watching movies or games is a popular option. Flooring should be slip-resistant, and rated for outdoor use. Porcelain tile that resembles stone, or ceramic tile that mimics wood planks are pretty hot right now. See our Porcelain offering here.

Add Luxurious Honed Marble

A luxury pool house design may have stone or marble flooring throughout the interior. Marble floors not only elevate the space, they’ll last a lifetime (or longer). Honed finishes provide safe, slip-resistant surfaces. White or light colored stone evokes an elegant, summery feeling – just right for a pool house. (Left: Diana Royal Honed / Right: Snow White Honed )

Design An Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower by the pool isn’t only convenient for a quick rinse, it can be a great design feature. Combine large format stone tiles with plants and gravel for natural drainage. Create a feature wall with a beautifully patterned stone slab. An outdoor shower can be functional, as decorative as a fountain, and create a gorgeous focal point in your landscape design. ( Left: Out Door Shower Idea / Right: American Slate Collection )

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