How to look for the best ledger panels

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Ledger panels are an exterior and interior wall covering material that is made out of natural stone pieces. It can consist of marble, limestone, travertine, or slate. Most popular ledger panels are made out of slate. Considering slate is a natural material, it splits evenly and gives the paneling an interesting, unique 3-D shape.


The variety of stones gives every buyer plenty of color and style options in order to personalize and emphasize the buyer’s space. Ledger panels are glued to the back piece and, usually, 6 x 24 size to make the installation process very easy. Ledger panels have many different uses and placements such as, on top of the fireplace, in swimming pool areas, on pool deck walls, exterior and interior cladding walls, and on many other surfaces in order to give the buyers’ area a special touch.

How To Find Best Ledger?

Ledger panels must be uniform in size and thickness and evenly installed and glued. The most typical ledger panel color is black, which comes from India or China. Another popular color is a white marble from Turkey, such as Avalon Marble or Glacier marble. Black slates from India and/or multicolor slates from China are some of the most popular sellers. Ledger panels usually come in a “staggered joint” to run on the wall application. That way, it is easier to hide the seams so the wall looks more uniform.

Ledger Panels

They are manufactured, firstly, by cutting small pieces of stone in various shapes depending on the design. They are then assembled together and glued on the backside so that it is easier to install them.


Good ledger panels are made with a staggering joint so that the seams are not visible to a naked eye.

They are installed so that it looks like one seamless stone wall made out of small pieces of stone. Some of them have corner pieces available so that it can be wrapped around columns and other walls in most applications. 

Pros and Cons of Ledger Panels

Ledger Panels

Ledger panel stones come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors offering the most options to make space be personalized to the buyer. These panels are manufactured in an inexpensive and easy-to-use way allowing them to be placed on almost any wall in the space. Considering these are not used on surfaces, such as countertops or flooring, that could be eaten off of or walked on, there is less wear and tear. If properly installed and taken care of, it can last the buyer many years requiring little to no maintenance requirements.

ledger panel

Ledger panels may make your guests impressed and your wallet happy, but demand for professionals to do the installation. As light and easy as these panels were made to be, some installations call for special tools and knowledge that an average buyer will probably not have. It is better to seal these panels every year. This does not need to be done professionally but does require extra work. Check out our Ledger Stone Collection.
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