10 Top Kitchen Countertops in 2020

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10 Top Kitchen Countertops in 2020

Kitchen Countertop is one of the most crucial elements of most kitchens. According to United States Department of Agriculture, Americans age 18 and over spent around 40 minutes per day in their kitchen to prepare food or cleanup. We may be spending more time in front of our TV, but still most of us are looking for stylish, upscale and fancy countertop to work on it.

How to decide?

kitchen countertop

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen countertop, there are many questions need to be answered:

  • What is best countertop for your money?
  • How much does kitchen countertop cost?
  • What is the most durable countertop?
  • What is the best material as a kitchen countertop?

If you are looking for some budget material, laminate countertops may be a good deal for you. There are other popular choices:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Concrete
  • Porcelain
  • Stainless Steel
  • Recycled Glass
  • Onyx
  • Quartzite
  • Soapstone
  • Slate
  • Laminated

In this article, we’ll only focus countertops made of natural stone and we’ll eliminate kitchen countertop options like laminate, glass and steel.

How much does it cost?

Modern kitchen interior with a high-polished countertop and sink

If you are renovating your kitchen or just decide to replace your kitchen counter, you may want to check price tag first. In general, the most expensive ones are granite countertops. They range from $50 to $250 square foot. The others such as quartz countertops have a price tag ranging from $40 to $100.

If you are looking for something high-end, elegant, stylish and sophisticated which will add a positive spirit to your kitchen, you may consider buying a granite countertop. Of course while you choose the countertop, kitchen cabinets play an important role because the color, the feel and look of the cabinets must be consistent with your material.

Replacing a countertop will cost around $3000. While an unexperienced person can install some type of countertops, materials like granite and marble will definitely requires expert installation. Trying to save money can be more costly if you don’t know to handle such precious natural stones.

Durability of Countertops

There are many trendy kitchen designs nowadays. Fashion may influence our choices but durability is also very crucial. Granite is the most durable material among other countertop options. Quartz comes second in terms of durability. Other materials follow these two.

At Marble Systems, we have a wide selection of natural stones that can be a good starting point for kitchen remodel. Of course if you are looking for some alternatives like butcher block, wood countertops etc. , there are numerous providers who can supply such materials. If you are looking for organic, natural stones, you are at the right place.

This brings us to granite again. Because it is a natural stone which can absorb heat easily and resist scratching and staining. This stain resistant stone is also easy to clean. Most granite countertops come in 1 ¼” or 3cm sizes up to 10‘x 6‘. These sizes make it quite functional to use as a seamless piece of material in kitchens for countertops and kitchen islands. This is one of the best solid surface countertops on earth.

1. Granite Countertops

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As we said earlier, this precious gift from earth is a perfect choice as a kitchen countertop or kitchen island. We have many choices at Marble Systems that can be used as counter. Here are some of granite slabs in Marble Systems inventory that can be used as countertop.

  1. Azul Imperial Polished Granite Slab
  2. Red Laguna Polished Granite Slab
  3. Impala Black Polished Granite Slab
  4. Butterfly Green Polished Granite Slab
  5. Black Galaxy Polished Granite Slab
  6. Green Galaxy Polished Granite Slab
  7. Juparana Persa Polished Granite Slab
  8. Giallo Veneziano Polished Granite Slab
  9. Giallo Ornamental Polished Granite Slab
  10. Ivory White Polished Granite Slab

To see more slabs, click here.

To learn more about granite countertops, click here.

2. Quartz Countertops

Quartz can be found on earth easily. It is a very abundant material. There are different type of quartz. The usage of quartz as a surface covering material is after the technological advances in natural stone cutting and mixing technology. This artificially created countertop is a cheaper alternative to marble and granite. It consists of resin and raw quartz. Here are some quartz alternatives in Marble Systems’ inventory:

quartz countertops
  1. Super White Polished Quartz Slab
  2. Azul River Polished Quartz Slab
  3. Marfil Beige Polished Quartz Slab
  4. Bronze Polished Quartz Slab
  5. Pewter Polished Quartz Slab
  6. Frost White Polished Quartz Slab
  7. Siberian White Polished Quarts Slab
  8. Color Calacatta Polished Quartz Slab
  9. Storm Polished Quartz Slab
  10. Bianco Gioia Polished Quart Slab

For more about quartz slabs, click here.

3. Marble Countertops

marble countertop

Marble is a timeless and classic natural stone. It was once a symbol of luxury and richness. It was used in ancient cities to build temples, houses, statues. It is still a beloved and very popular natural stone which will add value and character to your kitchen. As Marble Systems, we provide almost all types of marble in multiple colors. Here are some examples for you:

  1. Calacatta Gold Polished Marble Slab
  2. Breccia Oniciata Polished Marble Slab
  3. Haisa Light Polished Marble Slab
  4. White Carrara Polished Marble Slab
  5. Silver Shadow Polished Marble Slab
  6. Avalon Polished Marble Slab
  7. Diana Royal Polished Marble Slab
  8. Skyline Polished Marble Slab
  9. Afyon Grey Polished Marble Slab
  10. Silver Drop Polished Marble Slab

For more info click here.

4. Travertine Countertops

travertine countertops

Granite is by far the first material comes to mind when speaking of countertops or kitchen islands. But if you want to try something different, we have a wide selection of different travertine slabs as an alternative to granite. Travertine resembles to marble rather than granite and its installation requires a technique called precision edging. It has a more tiled look than granite. Its maintenance is easier and it gives a more historical look to countertops. Because this stone dates back to days of Roman Empire. Many section of Colosseum in Italy was made out of travertine. Here are our selection for your from our inventory:

  1. Roman Travertine Honed Travertine Slab
  2. Ivory Honed & Filled Travertine Slab
  3. Black Travertine Polished Travertine Slab
  4. Travertino Novana Polished Travertine Slab
  5. Silver Rustic Vein Cut Polished Travertine Slab
  6. Noce Travertine Polished Travertine Slab
  7. Silver Rustic Vein Cut Honed Travertine Slab
  8. Red Polished Travertine Slab
  9. Silverado Honed & Filled Tarvertine Slab
  10. Golden Sienna Honed & Filled Travertine Slab

For more about travertine slabs, click here.

5. Limestone Countertops

limestone countertops

Limestone slabs are quarried as limestone blocks. It is mostly used to make kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops and other design elements. It is a sedimentary rock. It has been used widely throughout the history in different buildings such as the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is elegant, beautiful and tames bold colors. Of course there are some disadvantages of this sensitive stone. It requires more care than granite or marble when it comes to care and maintenance of this natural beauty. You have to be careful when you put a hot pan on it or be careful not to scratch it. Some of the slabs from Marble Systems:

  1. Champagne Honed Limestone Slab
  2. Casablanca Honed Limestone Slab
  3. Dove Gray Honed Limestone Slab
  4. Champagne Honed Limestone Slab
  5. Britannia Honed Limestone Slab
  6. Ibiza Black Honed Limestone Slab
  7. St Clair Vein Cut Polished Limestone Slab
  8. Pietra Serene Honed Limestone Slab
  9. Cheverny Honed & Filled Limestone Slab
  10. Heartsmere Honed Limestone Slab

For more alternatives: Click here.

6. Onyx Countertops

onyx countertops

Onyx is a stone that has had many definitions applied to it over the centuries. Traditionally it will present as having distinctive bands… but not always. As a rule, it is somewhat exotic in appearance and therefore Onyx Slabs bring a level of desirable luxury into any modern space.

Exotic statements of nature… Onyx is a magnificent gift of nature. it is a gift of warmth that includes an incredible depth of color. The stone is formed by nature into translucent layers of marble. They provide a focal point wherever they are used. The onyx color palette goes from a rich neutral to exotic depths of color. Define your living space, your statement of design, and your appreciation of truly natural art. Enjoy entirely unique this gift of nature.

Here are some onyx slabs from Marble Systems:

  1. Fantasy Onyx Polished Onyx Slab
  2. Mediceo Onyx Polished Onyx Slab
  3. Onyx Miele Extra Polished Onyx Slab
  4. Onyx Vulcano Polished Onyx Slab
  5. Onyx Ivory Avp Polished Onyx Slab
  6. Alabastro Persiano Polished Onyx Slab
  7. Onyx Grigio Vein Cut Polished Onyx Slab
  8. Tiger Onyx Polished Onyx Slab
  9. Onyx Caramel Polished Onyx Slab
  10. Caramel Onyx Vein Cut Polished Onyx Slab

For more, click here.

7. Soapstone Countertops

soapstone countertops

Soapstone is a sedimentary stone that has a talc based component. Soapstone Slabs are easily worked into kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. The material enjoys a depth of color and texture that allows for a highly stylized visual image inside the modern home.

Check here for more slabs

8. Porcelain Countertops

porcelain countertops

For people who are looking for more alternatives, porcelain countertops may be the solution. Made from non-porous ceramic clay which contains minerals like kaolinite and silica, this material looks very elegant as kitchen countertop. It is highly resistant to scratching, cracking and heat. The only main downside of this elegant countertop is about its patterns. Patterns on porcelain countertops are only surface deep, meaning they lack of the look of depth.

Check here for more

9. Slate Countertops

slate countertops

Slate is a metamorphic stone. It is usually quite fine grained and can be found in basic grays, greens and blacks. Also, more exotic color ranges exist that bring to a space a uniqueness of spirit rarely found elsewhere. Slate slabs yield exquisitely interesting kitchen and bath tops.

Check here for more

10. Quartzite Countertops

quartzite countertops

Finally we have reached the end of our list. Quartzite is one of the harder more durable building materials that you might choose. Quartzite Slabs contain a very high quartz content and with that comes density, stain resistance and minimal care requirements. The modern kitchen countertop is a perfect place for this material. The main difference between quartz and quartzite lies its creation. While quartzite is 100% natural stone, quartz is a man-made material which is engineered with quartz crystals and strengthened by resin.

Check here for more information.

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