Jazz Up Your Back Splash For 2024 With Wagara Ceramic

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What is Wagara Pattern?

The historic inspiration for our gorgeous new range of ceramic tiling comes from the Japanese “Wagara” patterns. Hailing all the way from 8th century Japan, these ceramic wall tile designs have stood the test of time. Perhaps you may even recognize some of these beautiful tile patterns.

Originally conceived as patterned fabric for Japanese formal dress, now they can be found donning wall tiles around the world. These traditional repeating motifs are each laden with symbolism, bringing a longstanding culture to modern interior design. When it comes to replacing ceramic tiles, or your next home renovation, consider Wagara as a global interior style choice.

How to Choose the Best Backsplash Tile for Your Space?

A backsplash tile is an easy way to add a touch of your personality to your kitchen. There are countless wall tiles and mosaics for sale, and anyone can become your new kitchen backsplash tile. But, this can be somewhat overwhelming, so here are some backsplash tile ideas for us.

The good news, since your kitchen backsplash will likely be a small part of the space, you can experiment as much as you’d like. If you want to try a new twist on your own interior style, go for it! You can be as outlandish as you please with your choice of backsplash tiling. If your kitchen is making the most of white ceramic tile, why not add a pop of color? If you have an abundance of plain wall tile in your home, be loud and proud with tile patterns. But, the simplest way to choose the best kitchen backsplash tile for you, is to continue the current interior style. This is why the Wagara ceramic tile collection offers 6 colorways to suit your existing kitchen tiles.

The Marble Systems collection also includes a white ceramic tile, acting as a field tile for framing or pattern design. It’s never been more simple to introduce culturally significant, Japanese interior design to your home. As the Wagara ceramic wall tiling is suitable for application in wet areas, a kitchen backsplash tile isn’t the only option. With this ceramic pattern tile from Marble Systems, you could even create a Japanese tile bathroom.

Meet Some of the Wagara Tile Patterns

Sakura – The first pattern from the Wagara ceramic Japanese tiles collection from Marble Systems is the iconic Sakura flower. A common symbol of beauty, this motif makes a regular appearance in Japanese interior design. Marking the beginning of spring, cherry blossom patterned ceramic tiles are a great way to achieve Japanese interior style.

Sakura Matte Ceramic Tile 6x6

Sakura Matte Ceramic Tile


Shippo –

Shippo means jewel and symbolizes the seven precious stones of Buddhism. Traditional Japanese tiles usually incorporate linked circles to represent these stones. Evoking peace and serenity, these vintage Japanese tiles are perfect for a laid-back, minimalist kitchen backsplash. However, the interlocking circles also represent familial relations. This makes the Shippo Japanese tile a great choice for a kitchen backsplash in the heart of the family home.

Shippo Matte Ceramic Tile 6x6

Shippo Matte Ceramic Tile


Yagasuri –

One of the first Wagara patterns, Yagasuri was first used on a warrior’s clothing but slowly came to be a traditional print for Japanese brides. Yagasuri kimonos brought good luck, as ar-rows ward off evil presences, so hopefully, these ceramic backsplash tiles do the same. This tile pattern is a wonderful cultural equivalent to a popular herringbone backsplash tile. Blues and whites as backsplash tile for kitchens is an easy way to achieve the blue backsplash tile trend.

Yagasuri Matte Ceramic Tile 6x6

Yagasuri Matte Ceramic Tile


Kiku –

This stunning floral design is a beloved ceramic pattern used in Japan. Kitchen backsplash tile ideas usually ignore larger designs such as this one, but the bold petal pattern is very versatile. An organic take on a plain white backsplash tile, the blooming leaves represent longevity. As an alternative backsplash tile idea, frame this gorgeous pattern with a white field tile to make it stand out.

Kiku Matte Ceramic Tile 6x6

Kiku Matte Ceramic Tile


Hishi –

The Hishi Wagara Ceramic pattern tile symbolizes vitality, perfect for creating a lively kitchen with lots of color and pattern. However, the dense nature of this patterned backsplash tile also lends well to monochromatic or minimal kitchens. The teardrop and diamond pattern takes its inspiration from the aquatic Hishi plant and hails from the Jōmon period. This makes it a striking option, as a unique, vintage, or rustic backsplash tile kitchen.

Hishi Dark Matte Ceramic Tile 6x6

Hishi Dark Matte Ceramic Tile


The Full Collection

To view the collection of Wagara Ceramic tiles available on our site or our range of beautiful natural stone tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use designer marble tiling in your next project, please get in contact with our team, who will offer you invaluable tips and tricks for your ceramic tiling application. Our tile store in Anaheim has the perfect tile to complete your project.

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