Gray Floor Tiles – Think Terracotta?

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So, you want to create an on-trend grayfloor. As an interior design choice, a grayfloor is timeless. It fits into any situation because it looks quiet, dignified, and flexible. Picking the right kind of in-novative materials for a grayfloor is essential, which is why we recommend terracotta tiles.

Terracotta is one of those materials applied in a wide range of situations, but there is no equal when it comes to creating a grayfloor. If you are going to do this right, which we assume you will want to, you will want a good selection of terracotta tiles. Lucky for you, we happen to have a good selection, so let’s talk about some of the choices that you’ve got.

Chevron Terracotta Patterns

So, if you are looking for grayfloor tiles, then chevron terracotta patterns will be a good choice. These kinds of options look fantastic, so they are worth exploring.

A famous example is something like the Wintour GrayGlazed Chevron Terracotta Patterns. This option is neat and subdued, which would make it a good choice for anyone. This tile would be a great choice because it has the strength necessary to put up with people standing on it, but at the same time, it has a nice texture that adds dimension to the room.

Wintour Grey Glazed Chevron Ceramic Patterns

Size: 4x12Stock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

Agora Grey Glazed Chevron Ceramic Patterns

Size: 4x12Stock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

However, our selection of affordable grayfloor tiles doesn’t stop there. We have two other great options: the Agora GrayGlazed Chevron Terracotta Patterns and the GrayDog Glazed Chevron Terracotta Patterns. The great thing about these patterns, in particular, is that they aren’t too dark, which means that they fit into a more brightly colored room. If you are going to brighten up a space, then having the right kind of floor tile is probably the best way to do it.

These are both excellent choices and are very attractive. Built to be tough, and because they are terracotta, they can fit into many different situations.

Alternatively, if you’re after something a little bit darker, then you would be wise to check out this Buddakan GrayGlazed Chevron Terracotta. We have got one of the darker colors of available grayflooring, with this looking even like black in the right light.

Grey Dog Glazed Chevron Ceramic Patterns

Size: 4x12Stock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

Buddakan Grey Glazed Chevron Ceramic Patterns

Size: 4x12Stock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

This tile choice is good if you want to try and create a much more atmospheric environment be-cause darker colors contribute more to a relaxed, ambient setting. This tile has the same high quality as the other options we have talked about thus far but has a little more flexibility regard-ing how dark it can be.

Oversized Tiles and Bigger Tile Patterns

If you were interested in exploring a more oversized tile with a larger pattern, then this is also something we could do for you. We have plenty of choices, and one of those choices is the Win-tour GrayGlazed Riviera Terracotta.

This kind of offering looks fantastic, and it has a lovely pattern on it. It would be good in any situa-tion, whether you are creating a kitchen floor or a living room floor. It has a pretty robust design as well, so you know that it’s going to last.

Wintour Grey Glazed Riviera Ceramic Patterns

Size: RandomStock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

Agora Grey Glazed Riviera Ceramic Patterns

Size: RandomStock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

The other option that we have is this Agora GrayGlazed Riviera Terracotta. This tile is slightly different, as it has a much more brown-graydesign. Agora GrayGlazed Riviera terracotta tile does work quite well in a more rustic setting, as it gives a weathered appearance without the actual problem of weathering. This one is something you could experiment with quite well.

Final Thoughts

So, you can go with terracotta when it comes to a grayfloor.

It’s one of the best choices out there, simply because it has a lot of desirable characteristics. It’s tough, it’s long-lasting, and it looks welcoming. It doesn’t clash particularly with the decoration choices you might have, so it’s good for an interior design perspective.

You will want to pick the floor tile that works best for you to create beautiful surfaces. We under-stand that completely, so the options we have here are some of the best choices available.

Hopefully, you find something within the selection that works for you, and you can begin to exper-iment with different tile choices. Don’t hesitate to look at the tile samples we have because they will help you make a more educated decision concerning your design.

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