Green Stone Slabs

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Green Stone Slabs are a long-time specialty of Marble Systems. A fine example is our Malachite Green Quartzite at the very top of this post. This is a deeply saturated green color value that offers a unique interpretation on the very nature of the color. Before we go much further, let’s talk about green the color and slabs for their usage.

Green Stone Slabs
Ocean Green Quartzite

We have previously  discussed in other posts that green has many psychological and spiritual thoughts associated with it. Specifically we noted: “The mood of the color green is the essence of pure balance, with all the accompanying wonders of grace, harmony and ecological purity. Culturally, it is revered as the sacred color of Islam and as a festive happy color in Hinduism”.  Green is also considered to be a calming color for the purposes of interior design.

Green Stone Slabs
Alga Green Marble

As to stone slabs, they are  “sliced” from blocks of stone that have been quarried from a source, such as a mountain, or at the very least a ledge. These slabs will vary as to their facial dimension based on the cubic size of the blocks. In general, you will also discover that stone slabs are usually 2CM or 3CM in thickness.

Iguana Green Granite

Consider now the usage of Green Stone Slabs. All of these different stone types will perform somewhat differently in your typical American vanity top or counter top application. So proper consultation with stone professionals, like those at Marble Systems, is quite important. Let’s conclude this by saying we hope that we have added some knowledge and thanks for reading.

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