Custom Stone Mosaics

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Marble Systems has been a leading provider of natural stone for over three decades. In all that time, never has the demand been greater for Custom Stone Mosaics. These are unique  creations that reflect a personal sense of style and pride of intrinsic place.

Custom Stone Mosaics
French Parquet Mosaics

To help meet that demand, and to streamline the creative process, we have recently launched an online tool that allows the user to generate an elegant mosaic all their own.

Custom Stone Mosaics
Dimensions Waterjet

The history of mosaics as an art form dates back almost as long as humankind. The venerable dictionary, Webster’s, describes mosaics as “surface decoration made by inlaying small pieces of variously colored material to form pictures or patterns”. While that is a somewhat layman’s version, we will not quibble.

However, there is now a major addition to that definition driven by the waterjet. In the simplest possible terms, waterjet technology allows for tremendous computer generated free-flowing stone, tile, metal and glass patterning, as shown in three images above.

It is important to emphasize just how simple our Custom Stone Mosaics tool is to use. Please click here to see a YouTube video in English (or here for Spanish). They both serve as quick tutorials.

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