Four Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom in 2014

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Four Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom
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In terms of renovation, we spend more money on the American bathroom than anywhere else in the home. Yes, more than kitchens!  The National Association of Home Builders consistently reports on this fact in survey after survey. So here are four tips for remodeling your bathroom in 2014

Learn the budgeting process: The way that a bathroom remodel is priced and produced is not always so simple. Spend the time to learn the basics. A “schedule of values” will let you know what each item of labor and materials is worth to you. Grasp this as best you can. A simple example is an under-mounted sink instead of an over-mounted sink. If you know both the labor and material cost for the first selection you can then value the potential cost of the new item. Pay attention to these details!

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Professional help is essential: Getting the right professionals to do your work is obviously critical. Online resources are abundant. Two well-regarded professional organizations are NARI and the previously noted NAHB. Of course, the now-famous  Angie’s List is also a fine resource for peer reviews. However, it is hard to beat referrals from happy clients.

Adjust Most times the family lives in the home as a bath remodel is going on. Workmen will come and go and you WILL feel cramped and put upon. Basic bath functions may need some help from the homes of friends and family. There will be noise, dirt, and unexpected hours. Your nerves will probably fray. I know these sounds like very obvious points.  But time and time again we have observed clients that were not really ready for all this when the rubber met the road.

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Be involved: Needless to say, this is your life. It is your home and your hard-earned dollars. Those “scary” construction types in your home are being paid by you!  If something is not what you expected, ask some questions. Be brave and stay involved and this process will be your friend. You will then be very pleased with the outcome

As always, thanks for reading this post. Marble Systems has locations across the USA and also in Puerto Rico. Stop in for more than just four tips for remodeling your bathroom in 2014.

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