“Extra Texture”: Interesting Stone Finishes

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Interesting Stone Finishes

Stone Finishes

Quite a bit is said about the various stone finishes that are available. Rightly so, given the difference they can make in both appearance and utility. Many times it is light, scale and color, just to mention a few, that dominate the design plan discussion. But for “Extra Texture”…let’s move towards a discussion on interesting stone finishes and how they can contribute to the texture of a space!

To put some perspective on the place of texture in design, Cristina Colli a U.K.-based interior stylist tells us that “texture is the surface quality of an object, resulting from its three-dimensional structure”. Cristina also feels that since “touch and sight are closely connected, texture affects not just the way an interior feels, but also the way it looks. In general, rough textures look warm and natural, while smooth textures appear cold and formal”.

The last sentence from Ms. Colli on the place of smooth is exemplified by two basic stone finishes. A polished finish is as simple as it sounds and is a standard for areas such as bath wet walls and elegant living area flooring. This is as aptly indicated in the kitchen area above with by Diana Royal Polished Collection

The cousin to polished is the honed finish which is naturally less reflective of light and generally, but not always, less slippery.

Now that we have covered these two basic stone finishes, let’s take a quick look at two less common but perhaps more interesting approaches. Marble Systems, as discussed in a previous post, offers the Leathered Collection which contributes nicely to the idea of interesting stone finishes. This is shown below.

Finally, to Ms. Colli’s point that “rough textures look warm and natural”, please consider the image below from our Silver Shadow Collection.. In this instance, although the color value is a “cool” white, the rougher texture warms the space.

Well. let’s call it a day for this post. Speaking of days, Happy New Year and best wishes to all. Marble Systems has showrooms across America and in Puerto Rico. Let us help you with a fine selection of interesting stone finishes.


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