Designer Interview: Organic Modern Bathroom With A Calming Spa Like Feeling.

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We had the opportunity to catch up with Melissa Prevost, the principal of M.Prevost Design, who designed this beautiful master using one of our favorite natural stone collections; Studio Mosaic.

From new builds, remodeling, furnishing, and styling M Prevost Design thrives on opportunities to design and be creative. Beginning with a collaborative design process to understand their clients needs and inspiration is the starting point to making their vision come alive and designing their dream space. Melissa’s creativity and expertise results in spaces and surroundings that are truly transformative.

What inspired you to become an interior designer and what currently inspires you and is influencing your work?

I’ve always been interested in the spaces we are surrounded by and how they make us feel.  That interest never left me and even though I didn’t start out going to school for interior design, when I finally did in my late 20’s, I knew I had hit the jackpot of careers. Nothing made me more happy than when I designing and creating beautiful spaces for others . There are so many brilliant interior designers out there that I adore, like Carol Estes, Amber Lewis, Jeanette Mallory to name just a few. I’m also inspired by my deep love of traveling and experiencing other cultures.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m kind of a style mutt but if I had to put it into words, I would say my personal style is a blend of old and new, modern meets traditional, with organic layers and textures woven in.

When designing a home, what is your favorite room?

The kitchen! There are so many unique possibilities when creating a kitchen. Since this is the space where everyone gathers, where we cook for our family and friends, and where we entertain the most, I love considering high functionality with unique aesthetics. A good kitchen design can enhance our emotional and physical well-being when thoughtfully executed.

What was the source of inspiration for this project?

My client lives near the ocean and wanted an element of blue-green to play on their breezy location. I layered that pop of color with elements of organic modern to give the bathroom an overall calming and spa like feeling.


What where the key aspects for consideration when choosing our Studio Mosaic Collection for your project?

I was looking for tile that conveyed “organic modern” and naturally marble was a good fit. I also wanted the bathroom to have a play on pattern and fell in love with the geometric design that isn’t overwhelming but rather captivating.


How would you describe the end result?

The completed bathroom is such a retreat- the tile is an absolute stunner and perfectly reflects my client- fun, a little edgy all while being timeless.

What are your favorite materials or textures?

Marble gets me every time…almost as much as a gorgeous limestone or quartzite slab will. I also love wood, a beautiful brass, and anything that has texture. Mixing all of these elements up is what creates unique spaces!

Is there a design rule that you like to break?

I don’t like everything to be matchy matchy! I love blending new with old, high and low, modern and traditional. I mix my metals, combine different wood tones, and put pattern on pattern- not sure if that qualifies me as a real rule breaker!

Is there a design trend that really stood out to you in 2018 and what do you think are the design trends for 2019?

We saw a lot of black finishes in 2018, ie: black plumbing fixtures, black tiles, and black cabinetry. I don’t see black going anywhere but in 2019 I expect to see more color and more wood tones in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Check out more of Melissa’s work on her inspiring Instagram @mprevostdesign

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