Coverings 2018 Marble Systems – Part One

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The stone, tile, and glass industry is really many industries that are joined together by a common customer. Every year, this seemingly disparate group gets together for an event known as Coverings.  In 2018 we will all be meeting in Atlanta, the de-facto Capitol City of the South. Stone quarries, porcelain manufacturers, ceramic tile artists,  tools manufacturers, vendors of mortars, grout and adhesives will all be in attendance. It’s the perfect time for networking, checking on the progress of new technologies, eyeing the competition and planning the future. Naturally, Marble Systems will be exhibiting in full force introducing our newest products to our broad base of customers. That said, today the topic is Coverings 2018 Marble Systems – Part One.

Covering 2018 Marble Systems

The  event describes itself as “the largest tile and stone show in North America with 9 miles of the latest trends and exhibitors from over 40 countries.” As a part of those “nine miles”, Marble Systems will be focusing on a few special ideas this year. Immediately above, please see our Aqua Forte Marble Collection which represents a unique artisan technique where organic or intentional patterns are delivered onto natural stone using multiple etching and engraving methods. Then below please check out our vibrantly achromatic Neptune White Marble.

Covering 2018 Marble Systems

Stay tuned for more on Coverings!

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