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Colorful Bath Design

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Colorful Bath Designs

It is quite normal to consider our design ideas and subsequent plans by moving from room to room in a systemic approach. There is certainly a degree of logic to this when multiple spaces are involved, for example, in a new construction scenario. It is also clearly necessary for renovation situations. So here, in early winter, let’s brighten things up and take a look at a few ideas on creating colorful bath designs

Colorful Bath Design
Riva Del Mar Collection

A short time ago, Architectural Digest discussed some thoughts on bathroom design. Here is a small portion of that: “White may be the most popular (and perhaps safest) choice when it comes to bathroom colors, but it certainly isn’t the only option. Bright and bold shades can add life—and major style—to a bath, whether you use strategic pops of color or add an entire rainbow’s worth.” Marble Systems feels that we occupy an enviable position in being able to assist our clients in providing vision and product to achieve almost any version of colorful bath designs.

Colorful bath design
Riva Del Mar Collection

Throughout this post are images from our Riva Del Mar Glass Collection. These somewhat lyrically colorful images are but a few examples of what Marble Systems can deliver when the design mandate is to add color to a bathroom. You may also want to take a peak at the Coastal Glass Collection as another vehicle for working with color.

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