CERSAIE The International Tile Trade Show

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CERSAIE The International Tile Trade Show

Every year the ceramic tile, stone and glass communities are drawn to Bologna, Italy by a gravitational force known as CERSAIE. This international tile trade show is a unique event based on many things especially the length and breadth of its creativity

International tile trade show

This year the organizers describe some changes that they believe will add to that creativity saying, “in 2017, for its 35th edition, Cersaie has chosen to have two different images in order to draw attention to its two main product sectors: ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings”.  In our view, we say “fair enough”.

At the top of this post is this years themed logo. It is the result of a design competition won by two Italian students, who say that “ceramics is breaking away from its traditional format to become something new; Developments in technology and design are projecting this material into the future as part of a process of constant metamorphosis. The starting point for the design was the pure forms of the square, circle and triangle, which were fused together to create a living, evolving geometry; the false perspectives allow for an open dialogue with each user as they offer scope for different interpretations”. The purity of shapes such as squares, circles and triangles has always driven Marble Systems, and its leader Munir Turunc in the effort to maintain market correct collections in ceramic, stone, glass, and terracotta.

In general, items debuting in Bologna will make their way to The States in very short order. Marble Systems prides itself on timeliness to market. So, please reach out to your local Marble Systems staff for anything that  you may have on your “Wish List”. Thanks for reading!

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